Dell Inspiron 15 3000 i3543-2000BLK Review

Dell enjoys a status of high quality and trusted manufacturer. In the eyes of many, they’re actually the most reliable laptop company today. If this is indeed true, a lot could be expected from one of their later models called Dell Inspiron 15 3000 i3543-2000BLK. And not least because it has a new 5th generation […]

Dell Inspiron 13 i7348-4286SLV Review

Dell Inspiron 13 i7348-4286SLV is a convertible laptop with the latest Core i5 processor and 8GB system memory. Its priced quite high, scaring off the budget hunters, but surely some people will find use for its features and fast performance. Let’s see who those people might be. Click here to get it on! Performance […]

Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV Review

So it’s a tiny laptop you want, not a big one with huge screen? Alright, let me present you Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV, a notebook sporting a functional, 360 degrees turning 11.6″ touch display and entry-level performance of a Celeron processor. The $450 dollars price tag also makes it an attractive choice for many. But […]

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