Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV

Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV Review

So it’s a tiny laptop you want, not a big one with huge screen? Alright, let me present you Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV, a notebook sporting a functional, 360 degrees turning 11.6″ touch display and entry-level performance of a Celeron processor. The $450 dollars price tag also makes it an attractive choice for many. But is it worth your money? Let’s find out…

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Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV features Intel Celeron N2830, a true budget processor of two cores and 2.16 – 2.4GHz clock speed. It was released over a year ago which is quite a long time in computer world. In CPU Mark tests the Celeron gets just ~1000 points (Core i3 ULV models get, for example, around 2500). So not much performance can be expected – but all daily computing tasks are still very doable with this laptop.

Like with many modern Dells there’s just one memory slot in the system. It’s occupied by a 4GB DDR3L RAM chip, and according to the official specifications that’s the only configuration this laptop supports. This means adding more memory is not possible. For casual users that is not an issue, for power users perhaps a small problem.

A 500GB hard drive running on 5400RPM rate is the storage you’ll get. Half a terabyte is the smallest hard drive seen in today’s notebooks. It’s still sufficient for daily use and can easily house dozens (if not hundreds) of big movies and games. The speed is of course another question, and if you don’t really care about the storage size as much as you care about read/write rates, you should definitely swap such a hard drive for an SSD.

Display and graphics

Display is probably the most interesting part of Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV. It turns 360 degrees and has a touch support, so in essence you can use this computer as laptop and tablet. In addition, it’s 11.6 inches diagonal, contributing to good portability. The 1366×768 resolution is appropriate for such a small size.

The graphics engine, called Intel HD (Bay Trail), will become a bottleneck for many gamers I’m afraid. If you’re happy with simple games like Minecraft you’ll reach nice 30+ FPS on low settings. But newer games will lag – AC4 and Watch Dogs for example so much they’re most likely unplayable (~10 FPS). In general, many 2014-2015 titles will be just too heavy for this slow Intel HD chip.

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Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV has three USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0) so nothing special in that regard. You can also plug your HDTV or PC monitor thanks to the laptop’s HDMI output.

Naturally, a notebook this small does not have space for an optical drive. However, you can use an external drive, the built-in SD/MMC card reader or just download your stuff from Internet.

There’s a regular WiFi adapter installed, although RJ-45 port is missing. You can get support for wired networking and Bluetooth with an USB adapter.

The 1280×720 webcam should be good for casual video chatting with friends and loved ones.

Some other things to keep in mind?

Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV doesn’t weigh a lot – one of the good sides of a small notebook. At just 3.1 pounds it should be convenient to take with you on travels or to school. The 3-cell battery should be good for around four hours on simple web browsing.

The keyboard is so called chiclet, with no backlight or numeric keypad on the right.

Operating system of this computer is Windows 8.1 (64-bit).


Dell Inspiron 11 i3147-2500sLV is an ideal pick for people who want laptop and tablet but are only willing to pay for one. Because by turning the touch screen you now have made this Dell a fully functional (if a bit heavy) tablet. It’s not a performance monster, but the Celeron processor gives enough power for everyday computing. Playing games is something you shouldn’t do much on this rig. So if it’s a cheap and small convertible laptop (with very limited gaming capacities) you’re looking for, going for this Dell should be a good idea.

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