Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ

Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ Review

Is neat looking budget laptop something you want? Well, Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ definitely looks nice, although price is somewhat higher than a typical Celeron-level notebook has. Of course, performance in this Acer is rather capable, with Core i5 processor offering lots of oomph for power users as well. Without further ado, let’s see if this Acer would be an useful tool for you.


Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ is a fast computer. It comes with 5th generation Intel Core i5-5200U CPU. It’s a January 2014 release with vital stats of two cores and 2.2 – 2.7GHz clock speed. The i5 series together with i7s constitute the Intel’s high-performance processor line, and basically any program would run on those processors well. To give you an idea, this particular model scores ~3700 in CPU Mark test while the Celeron N2840 usually seen in rock-bottom notebooks gets a score of measly 1070 points.

A good 8 gigabytes RAM is available on this laptop. It’s the usual DDR3 low-voltage type, installed on two chips. The memory cap is 16GB so you can double the memory if you want to. However, I don’t think there’s need for that since 8GB is probably all you need (and a bit more).

The spacious 1024GB hard drive can easily host thousands of photos, music pieces and movies. Storage space is abundant, but speed is just the regular 5400RPM. If you want to swap it for a faster SSD I don’t see a reason why this laptop wouldn’t work for that.

Screen and graphics

Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ is a small laptop, the display size being 13.3 inches. The resolution of 1366×768 is fine for such a petite display, and I’d predict good overall quality from this screen. It’s not a touchscreen, though, so utilizing Windows 8.1’s touch features won’t happen on this rig.

Intel HD 5500 is a new graphics engine found in some latest Intel processors. There are not many benchmarks yet available, but most recent games should have smooth FPS on low settings. Battlefield 3/4, for example, should run at ~30 frames. Older titles, Minecraft and World of Warcraft to name a couple, won’t have problems no matter what settings you use.


Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ features connectivity one might expect from a modern subnotebook. It comes with two USB ports, of which one is USB 3.0. There’s also an HDMI output which can be used to connect HD television or other display to the laptop.

Internet connections are solid. To begin with, there’s a Gigabit Ethernet adapter for fast local networking. In addition, the notebook sports a dual-band 802.11AC WiFi adapter for Wireless that also supports Bluetooth 4.0.

The cost of having a small laptop is a missing optical drive. No DVD drive is installed in this Acer but you can always get an external USB one. Using the SD media card reader is also one possibility.

A HD webcam and microphone are available so you can attend video conferences with this computer.

Some other things to keep in mind

Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ is good for the road warriors. It weighs only 3.31 pounds and has an advertised 7.5 hours battery life. Regarding to the latter, you’ll probably reach around 5 hours operating time in real life.

The keyboard is not backlit but should otherwise be high quality and comfortable to use – at least it looks like a quality piece. As you can see from the images, there’s no numeric keypad available either, but that’s a matter of preference and I wouldn’t mind the missing 10-key pad at all.

It’s not noted in the specifications, but I expect also this model has some manufacturer bloatware installed. If you feel that slows down the computer, simple uninstall the unwanted programs and problem is solved.


Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-51UJ is a modern laptop for people on the go. Its small size (3.3 pounds, 13.3″ screen) make it effortless to carry around, and when you need network access you only have good options (Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band wireless, Bluetooth 4.0) to choose from. Performance-wise there’s lots of room to grow for casual users, and professionals would be happy with what the 5th Gen Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM can do. Some gaming is also perfectly fine on this laptop, provided you keep settings at bay. To be honest, I don’t see any real negative per se, but the current price might be too high for many. In case you can afford this Acer you’ll get a fast, reliable and good-looking laptop for sure.

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