Toshiba Satellite L75-C7234 Review

July 29, 2015
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What is the Toshiba Satellite L75-C7234 laptop good for? At a glance, for users after some budget performance: there are components like modern i5 processor and eight gigabytes RAM speeding things up. Hard drive is a spacious 1TB one, display 17.3″ large. In the review below I’ve gathered comments about what this notebook could offer to you.


It’s a popular thing among manufacturers to put a low-voltage processor in their laptops. Those CPUs are strong enough for most people while running cool and consuming very moderate amounts of energy. The Core i5-5200U in this model features two cores, 2.2GHz clock speed (2.7GHz turbo) and quite low 15W TDP (Thermal Design Power). Many power users should find it enough for their needs, after all the chip gets ~3500 CPU Mark score beating older Core i3s by around 1000 points. And the added plus is, there should be very little heat build up in the system.

Toshiba Satellite L75-C7234 comes with 8GB RAM (1600Mhz), good for running things like Photoshop and various programming environments if you’re into that stuff. There’s no information available about the memory distribution yet, but maximum memory should be 16GB on two slots on the system board.

There’s a lot of storage space in this computer, that’s for certain. You’re offered a 1024GB (5400RPM) hard drive, ready to take ca. two hundred thousand JPEG-quality images or closer to 200 DVD movies. But downside is slow speed, these mechanical hard drives are often replaced with a quicker solid-state drive. Should you have the know-how you can of course do that yourself here, too.

Screen and graphics

Toshiba Satellite L75-C7234 has a 17.3″ non-touch screen but only 1600×900 resolution. That’s probably the worst thing in this notebook, at least if you’re a digital artist or just into Full HD in general. The bright side is, fonts and icons won’t be too small to read which is good news for the elderly.

For graphics, the laptop rocks Intel HD 5500. That’s an unit integrated to the processor, translating to rather bad gaming performance. You can indeed run many games, but a lot of them work only with much eye candy off. For example, playing on 1366×768 and medium settings would yield 20 or even less frames per second with GTA 5, not very good. However, with the screen’s native resolution and default settings lighter games like Minecraft and League of Legends will work no problem (30 or more FPS).


Toshiba Satellite L75-C7234 houses four USB ports. Two of them are USB 3.0, the other one featuring sleep and charge function. HDMI output is also present but no VGA like in older Toshibas, which however shouldn’t be an issue for anybody.

The notebook contains a DVD burner on the left side. Card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC) is also available, good for cameras and other memory card eating devices.

There’s a basic 802.11n Wifi card for networking. You can also use cable thanks to the built-in Gigabit RJ-45 connector. Bluetooth support isn’t mentioned in the specifications.

The HD webcam with microphone work fine for Skype video and other similar chat programs.

Miscellaneous things

Toshiba Satellite L75-C7234 has an appropriate weight for a 17.3-incher, 5.9 pounds that is. No user reports are available about the battery life yet, but it should be a 6-cell 48Wh one, offering around 4 hours for web surfing or other light use.

The keyboard is not backlit, but features a numeric keypad on the side.


Toshiba Satellite L75-C7234 is not that different laptop compared to its competitors, the mid-range i5 notebooks with integrated graphics. You’ll get a solid performance thanks to the said processor and 8GB memory, while terabyte hard drive allows you to store a lot (and some more) data on the computer. Swapping it for an SSD would make sense if you value performance over speed. As the screen is big, a road warrior isn’t likely to find this laptop pleasant to work with. But for other people it goes, and if you’re looking for a decent desktop replacement, this Toshiba might be all you need.

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