Toshiba Satellite L75-C7136 Laptop Review

February 25, 2016
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One of the faster notebooks coming out of the Japanese computer giant’s factories is Toshiba Satellite L75-C7136. It’s defined by things like Core i5 processor (6th generation!), 17 inches display and 8GB memory. As such, it might work as a decent desktop replacement. But let’s not judge the item yet, we must take a closer look first to determine how good it actually is.

So the laptop is good for…?

One of the essential things defining what the laptop is useful for, is the processor. In Toshiba Satellite L75-C7136, the processor is a mid-range Intel Core i5-6200U. It comes with two cores, a 2.3GHz clock speed and 2.8GHz turbo. I say mid-range because in a popular benchmark test called CPU Mark, the chip gets around 3900 points. It’s not either low (Celerons get ~1000 points, that is low) or high (some quad-core i7s get 10000). You are good to run most software as far as the processor is concerned, that includes video editors as well as web browsers.

Another important thing is the memory. In general, the more there is, the less laggy the computer will feel. Well, this notebook comes with 8GB RAM which is just the perfect amount today: it’s good for casual use, although it’s no stranger to multitasking either. I’m sure you could upgrade the memory to a maximum 16GB with some hardware skills.

The storage drive also affects on what you can do with a computer. Or more precisely, what you can store there. In this Toshiba, there’s a hard drive with 1024GB storage space. That terabyte is equivalent to ~200,000 mp3 songs or 200 DVDs. So yes, a lot of space is offered. Sadly, the spindle speed is only 5400RPM so the drive is not exactly fast compared to modern SSDs (solid-state drives). On such SSD, Windows would boot up quicker. You can install SSD here but only after removing the hard drive first.

Would also gamers like it?

If you’re serious about gaming, I don’t think you would like Toshiba Satellite L75-C7136. The main culprit is the lack of a dedicated graphics card – what you now have, is an integrated unit called Intel HD 520. You might find it sufficient for your needs, depending on what games you play and what settings you want to use. As an example, you can play GTA 5 on 1366×768 resolution and lowest settings with ~20-25 FPS. It’s far from ideal but some would call that playable. A better-working example is Counter-Strike: Go, it’s going to give smooth FPS even if you use high settings (+40FPS).

What connections does the laptop offer?

Toshiba Satellite L75-C7136 has a selection of ports to accommodate your peripherals. To start with the most common ones, there are four USBs, of which two are USB 2.0 and two 3.0. Of course, also video output is available – a full-sized HDMI – which you can use to hook up HD television or a normal PC display.

As always, both wired (Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45) and wireless (802.11n standard + Bluetooth 4.0) adapters are available for Internet connection.

The left side houses a DVD burner in case you need one. On the right, there’s also SD card slot, you can slip in those small memory cards and transfer data that way.

HD webcam is included, allowing for you to have merry video chats with your friends and relatives.

Some other important things

I don’t think the display of Toshiba Satellite L75-C7136 is that interesting. It is big yes (17.3 inches) but resolution is a “low-end” 1600×900. It means there’s not as much screen estate as on a 1920×1080 display. Might be casual users wouldn’t mind, but digital artists would. Touch is not supported here.

The laptop is equipped with a basic 45Wh 4-cell battery, expect it to work for ~4 hours before you need to plug the unit in and charge.

The keyboard does not have backlit keys.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

Summing it up

Would I recommend Toshiba Satellite L75-C7136? Yes, if it’s indeed a big notebook you’re looking for. Considering what the laptop has to offer its price is not bad. You can run any kind of applications on this kind of rig, save new games, they don’t work because of integrated graphics. The big 17.3″ display means somewhat more screen estate, although remember it’s not a Full HD screen. So, if you’re looking for a non-portable machine for home or office, perhaps a desktop replacement, then this Toshiba would be a good choice for you.

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