Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 Review

October 16, 2014
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Low-cost laptops, like Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270, are always hot. Even in the era of tablets and smartphones laptops are sought after by those who want a good old keyboard and trackpad to work with. You simple can’t do many things on tablet than you can with laptop (for example, Photoshopping and programming). With these things in mind, let’s find out if this new Toshiba would be a laptop worthy of consideration.

The main things

The essential component in computers is the processor. Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 features Intel Pentium 3558U, a dual core processor clocking at 1.7GHz. Being an ultra low voltage CPU has its drawbacks, like reduced performance, however for most uses this processor is adequate. The low power consumption should lead to longer battery life, but in the case of this Toshiba the battery life is mere 3.8 hours.

The processor isn’t the only essential component. Also system memory is responsible for running things smoothly. Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 happens to have respectable amount, 4 gigabytes, system memory. The RAM is expandable up to 16GB, but I don’t think many would need to do that. Four GB is good for basically any kind of use, even gaming would work on that if it wasn’t for the poor graphics engine (more about that below).

Are there other important components to talk about? Sure, the hard drive. Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 has a very typical 500GB drive running on 5400RPM responsible for storage. It’s not the latest solid-state drive with lightning fast speed but does its job well for a budget laptop (for example, such a drive could host movies in low hundreds).


Indeed, the graphics performance is one of the things bugdet laptops are not known for. As it is, Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 has an integrated chip called Intel HD Graphics inside the CPU. And that thing, my friend, is a true low cost graphics engine intended for very basic use only. If you’re a gamer it’s not your friend. If you’re not, however, you’re good to go with Intel HD Graphics.

One of the defining factors of Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 is the screen size, 17.3 inches, with resolution of 1600×900. It’s rather big, and what can I say about it, if you like a large non-touch display and higher resolution, consider these things a plus.


Connections are an essential thing in your life. You also need them on laptops to communicate with other gadgets. Starting with USB, Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 has two USB 2.0’s and two USB 3.0’s. The other USB 3.0 has so-called Sleep & Charge function which allows you to charge your smartphone, even if the laptop is on sleep mode.

For multimedia, there are HDMI and VGA ports. Plugging the Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 in to a HDTV is possible.

If you have a digital camera of other gadget that uses memory cards, you can transfer data from such device to Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 through the 6-in-1 media card reader.

10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45) and WiFi adapters are installed and ready to serve your network connectivity needs. There’s no Bluetooth support by default, consider an inexpensive USB dongle if you need it.

The laptop comes with DVD burner, so creating your own discs is possible with it.

What else?

You must remember this thing comes with pre-installed Windows 8.1. Some people shun Windows 8, if that’s your case Windows 7 laptop might be the way to go. With that being said, Windows 8 can be customized to look like the older Windows if you want to.

This is a personal preference, but in my opinion, a 17.3″ laptop weighing 5.9 pounds isn’t that much. The dimensions themselves are of course bigger than with smaller display laptops, but weight isn’t bad. On the other hand, battery life of 3.8 hours is nothing to brag about – especially when the processor is supposed to be an ultra low voltage one.

About pre-installed software, this Toshiba has Microsoft Office 365 one month trial installed.

Summing it up

Toshiba Satellite L75-B7270 is an obvious choice for those people who enjoy a big screen and affordable price. Make no mistake though, a large display doesn’t mean high performance – on the contrary, for heavy tasks like gaming this Toshiba doesn’t suit well. But if you don’t mind that, and your use consists of web surfing and other light stuff, it’s hard to find better price for 17.3″ laptop!

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