Toshiba Satellite L75-B7150 Review

May 11, 2015
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Toshiba Satellite L75-B7150 looks like good value at a glance. For around four hundred bucks you’d get a 17.3″ laptop with i3 processor and 6GB RAM. But the decision must not be made hastily, especially if you want a notebook that will deliver excellent bang for your buck. So, let’s see if this Toshiba should be something to spend your money on.


Intel Core i3-4005U is the processor in Toshiba Satellite L75-B7150. It’s one of the 4th Generation ultra low voltage models, boasting a 1.7GHz clock speed on two cores. Because of the power efficient design, it’s not one of the performance monsters, but somebody not planning to run heavy programs should get on fine with it. i3-4005U is perfect for casual users and students surfing the web, sending emails and perhaps watching a movie or two off Netflix.

The laptop has 6GB memory. The configuration is 1x4GB and 1x2GB DDR3L SDRAM chips. 16GB is the maximum RAM here, and upgrading should be pain-free by replacing the old chip(s). Even the manual for this model doesn’t talk about “non-user upgradeable” memory – a wording often found in other Toshiba Satellite manuals.

The hard drive wouldn’t be anything fancy. It’s a 500GB unit with 5400RPM speed. It’s fine for everyday computing, but for maximum performance a solid-state drive should be your choice. I don’t see why installing one wouldn’t work with this notebook. Keep in mind you have to remove the hard drive for that: there is no space for two drives inside.

Display and graphics

A major selling point of Toshiba Satellite L75-B7150 is the 17.3″ display. It’s bigger than the average 15.6″, and many people like 17 inches for their movies and entertainment. Of course, it’s not only the physical size that matters to many, but also the resolution. In this screen, it’s 1600×900 so Full HD zealots might be disappointed. Touch isn’t supported either, so you must get used to Windows 8.1 (64-bit) with keyboard and trackpad.

Gaming is always possible on laptops, it’s just depends on what constitutes an enjoyable gaming environment to you. This laptop has Intel HD 4400 as its graphics engine, so there aren’t too many games that would run comfortably with eye candy on. Battlefield 4, to name one popular title, should give ~30 FPS which is decent, but only on low details and resolution. Minecraft, Steam-based and other lighter games will run better. If you’re only into those easy-on-the-system titles you should be fine with this Toshiba.


Connectivity is typical for a 17.3″ notebook. Toshiba Satellite L75-B7150 offers four USB ports, of which two are USB 3.0. For monitor and HDTV you’ll get RGB (VGA) and HDMI outputs.

Internet is reachable with 802.11b/g/n WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) adapter. Bluetooth 4.0 is installed as well.

Transferring files to the laptop should be effortless: the unit has a 8X DVD burner and built-in SD/MMC card reader. A 720p webcam is offered for your Skype video chats.

Some other things to keep in mind?

Toshiba Satellite L75-B7150 weighs 5.9 pounds, just like any other 17.3″ laptop. For on-the-go computing I can recommend a lighter model, but home/office user shouldn’t need to worry. Battery life isn’t mentioned, but the 6-cell Li-ion unit should work for around four hours.

The laptop has a dedicated numpad, although the keys are not illuminated.


Toshiba Satellite L75-B7150 is a basic computer for folks with light applications and games. You can do your daily stuff on it, such as browse the web and watch some YouTube videos, no problem. Connections should be enough and having two USB 3.0 ports on this cheap machine is excellent. If your needs are not huge, there’s no reason to go for anything fancier than this starter Satellite notebook.

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