Toshiba Satellite L55T-C5388 Review

October 19, 2015
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It’s a known fact, or at least a strong opinion (heh), that Toshiba makes affordable yet powerful computers; in other words, their products often have a good price-performance ratio. Toshiba Satellite L55T-C5388 is one of their latest notebooks, price tag being more than on an average laptop, but also the engine room is much beefier than in a cheap rig: Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM to name a couple of components. What more there is, and the possibly weak points of this computer will be discussed in detail here!

What is it good for?

Toshiba Satellite L55T-C5388 is good for people who can put high performance system to good use. The included processor is Core i7-5500U, a 2.4GHz dual core based chip with also a turbo boost up to 3.0GHz. It’s meant for heavier applications (CPU Mark grade gives it almost 4000 points), however don’t forget it has low voltage design so it’s not comparable to full power desktop i7s. But as you can read from reviews about this item around Internet, this Toshiba is a system packed with power and i7-5500U is the main reason for that.

It’s a norm to include 8GB memory in these more expensive models. The Toshiba is no different, eight gigabytes RAM is available. I don’t know whether it’s distributed the “cheap way”, on two 4GB sticks or the “proper way”, one 8GB. That mainly affects those wanting to upgrade; anyway the most RAM this laptop accepts is 16GB. The current eight gigabytes is still a lot, programs shouldn’t lag here.

And what is bad for?

The 1024GB (5400RPM) hard drive isn’t bad if you need absolute storage, but I recommend swapping it for a solid-state drive. It’s not too expensive an investment but will considerably speed up the system.

It’s not that the 15.6″ touchscreen sucks, but considering the price of this unit Full HD support would’ve been expected. Now you’re stuck with 1366×768, it’s decent for everyday use but professionals wouldn’t be happy with it I guess.

Gaming isn’t the strongest suite of Toshiba Satellite L55T-C5388, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve taken a look at specifications. One particular feature there isn’t good news for the gaming folk, and that is the Intel HD 5500 graphics card. Being an integrated card, great performance can’t be expected. You need to tune down settings big time to get playable frame rates with many fancier games, for example GTA 5 requires low-medium settings to get ~25FPS.

What are the peripherals that it accepts?

The usual devices can be connected, the system has one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports for devices like keyboard, mouse or printer. HDTV can likewise be plugged to the laptop’s HDMI output. You might not need an external optical drive because there’s a basic CD/DVD burner included – only for BluRays you’d need another drive, that is.

802.11A/C WiFi is the standard in the laptops in this price category. RJ-45 port is there as well, Bluetooth support is not known.

As seen in the product images, webcam is embedded in the usual place in the screen bezel.

Are there other important things?

Toshiba Satellite L55T-C5388 is not big, rather a typical laptop with its 15.6″ display and 5.2 pounds weight (most are more or less 5lbs in this category). Some people are saying the battery lasts over 5 hours, if you’re just browsing the web you’ll probably get that.

The new Windows 10 is the operating system. Keyboard doesn’t have lighted keys.


Toshiba Satellite L55T-C5388 would be most useful in the hands of a power user. The Core i7 processor speaks for itself; not many applications would put it on its knees. The same goes for 8GB memory, if you have a knack for multitasking that’s all you really need. Playing games with maximum eye candy is not feasible, but in case you can do with less than perfect settings there’s nothing stopping you from playing a game or two here. All in all, if you have demanding programs and you want to give up trying to run them on your old and slow laptop, this Toshiba might be very well worth your while!

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