Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5352 Laptop Review

August 30, 2016
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Is it a convertible laptop you want but don’t know which one to choose? Not a problem, we’re here to help. Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5352 is one noteworthy idea; it’s a well-priced 2-in-1 with some favorable customer reviews. But in case you want our professional opinion on the subject keep on reading…

The good

Intel Pentium 3825U is a good processor for everyday computing. It has two cores and 1.9GHz clock speed (no turbo) with CPU Mark score hovering around 2600. Throw Google Chrome, email app or even YouTube videos at it and all will work fine. The same goes for the included 4GB memory which you can upgrade to 8GB if you want.

Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5352 features an OK display, a 15.6″ one supporting 1366×768 resolution – yeah, you’re not getting Full HD experience here. The display doesn’t detach but rotates so it lies flat, hence you can use this thing in many modes. A webcam is integrated on the top bezel.

This model has a backlit keyboard. Not that everybody needs it, but some like it when they type in the dark.

The neutral

A 1000GB 5400RPM hard drive is not wonderful but you can not get top components for this price. It’s a decent drive for home users and can surely hold a lot of data. The biggest hurdle is performance; a modern SSD would make the notebook operate faster. You can upgrade to SSD if you know how to.

The included battery in Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5352 operates on 3 cells and 45Wh, you can expect 5-6 hours out of it (web surfing, dimmed screen) before you need to recharge the laptop. In my opinion it’s not good battery life but again, you’re not paying much for this notebook either.

There’s a WiFi card (802.11n + Bluetooth 4.0) included, however it doesn’t look like RJ-45 connector is available.

Ports for your peripherals are one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and one HDMI-out. Media card reader supports SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC formats.

The material is plastic.

The bad

Don’t expect good gaming performance from Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5352. You might already guess it does not include dedicated graphics, just an integrated unit called Intel HD (the Broadwell based one). It doesn’t work for titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 or Fallout 4, but feel free to try lightweight ones such as Sims 4 and Minecraft – those will run at least on low settings.

This laptop doesn’t have an optical drive – if you want that, you need to get an external drive. Fortunately they cost like 25 bucks and are lightweight, so it’s not a big deal if you ask me.


Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5352 will satisfy casual users, easily. You can not really call this unit a powerhouse but everyday chores like web surfing and email sending are piece of cake. Naturally, you’ll also receive a tablet because of the turning screen – just remember it will be quite a big tablet at 15.6 inches. Nonetheless, this Toshiba is a very viable choice for your home laptop!

2 thoughts on “Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W-C5352 Laptop Review

  1. David Mason

    Does it actually have a backlit keyboard? If so, mine doesn’t work using Fn+Z toggle key. Any clues?

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      Yes it has a backlit keyboard. Did yours ever work?


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