Toshiba Satellite CL45-C/4335 Review

November 26, 2015
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Cheap doesn’t always mean bad, right? Because now and then affordable laptops like Toshiba Satellite CL45-C/4335 receive good user reviews around Internet. This notebook has been thanked at least for its price/performance ratio – there’s indeed a very basic Celeron and only 2GB RAM inside, but you’ll have hard times finding a laptop cheaper than this…

What can it do?

If your computer use consists of web surfing and paper writing, the current Intel Celeron N2840 processor will handle it. It is a dual-core unit, featuring 2.2GHz clock speed and even 2.6GHz turbo, but it gets only around 1000 points in CPU Mark. That’s quite a sub-par score, but as said, for basic use that’s all you need. Very fancy games or daily heavy applications (types like Adobe Photoshop) would be too much for the Celeron.

The 2GB memory will affect if multitasking is your favorite hobby, ie. keeping dozens of browser tabs, text editor and YouTube open. For all of that, the 2GB is hardly enough, but if you can do “one thing at a time” it’s sufficient.

The specifications state there’s a 64GB solid-state drive but that’s not exactly right. The drive is an eMMC, embedded MultiMediaCard, a cheaper version of true solid-state drive. You’ll be left around 50GB worth of storage. I guess for most people it’s fine, you wouldn’t be storing a lot of videos and movies here, wouldn’t you?

What the laptop sucks at?

Hardcore gaming, that’s one thing you don’t want to do here. No dedicated graphics engine, a low-end processor and tiny RAM amount ensure only older games work. Somebody commented World of Warcraft runs fine, that I can believe, also Counter-Strike: GO works with conservative settings. But the integrated Intel HD Graphics won’t be able to run types like Metal Gear Solid 5, GTA 5 or Far Cry 4.

What devices can I plug in?

Despite the Toshiba being cheap, it accepts all the usual peripherals any laptop would accept. There are three USB ports (one is USB 3.0), you can happily connect printers, keyboards, optical drives to those. Indeed the notebook doesn’t feature a DVD drive so you might want to use an external one. HDMI-out is provided as well, you’re good to hook up your HDTV or PC monitor.

Networking by default is wireless only, there’s a 802.11n Wifi adapter with Bluetooth capability. You can get RJ-45 with a cheap USB adapter, though.

Other things you might find useful include the built-in card slot for SD(HC/XC) and MMC cards. HD-quality webcam is also there.

Miscellaneous yet important things

The laptop’s 14″ screen has 1366×768 native resolution, you can’t really get Full HD for this price. Touch is not supported.

Keyboard isn’t backlit here, although users commented the keyboard has solid quality.

The battery operates at 45Whr and 4 cells, it lasts at least 5 hours when web surfing. It seems to be an integrated one, so if you want to replace it prepare to remove the bottom.

The whole unit weighs 4.2 pounds.

Summing it up

Toshiba Satellite CL45-C/4335 can’t do wonders, but nobody would expect that from a 250 dollars rig. You’ll be able to use this thing in home, at office or school, and you won’t most likely run into performance issues. Problems would only occur under heavy gameplay, but that is true for any inexpensive notebook. If you’re good with this, there’s nothing stopping you from getting this little computer.

3 thoughts on “Toshiba Satellite CL45-C/4335 Review

  1. Joe

    What kind of processor would be good for gaming using the Toshiba Satellite cl45-c? I already have 2x 8gb ram for the laptop but a not so great processor.

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      Hey Joe, so you want to upgrade the processor (CPU) in this model? Well that’s possible, but only to another Celeron processor. And all Celerons are entry-level units not suitable for gaming. A graphics processor, better known as graphics card, is what makes a good gaming laptop. Sadly you can’t install a dedicated graphics card in this computer either. So no matter what you do, Toshiba Satellite CL45 won’t become a great gaming laptop. Perhaps you want to buy a better model if you’re a player?

  2. Cibber Fernandes

    I want to upgrade my cpu and ram
    So which ones should i put and which ram


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