Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260 Review

July 15, 2015
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Market is full of decent notebooks, so how do you know which one to pick? You just have to choose one, and a review might help you in that task. In this post, we’ll tell you if the Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260 would be something you might enjoy. It looks good on paper, but they all do, so a closer look is needed to determine the true nature of this laptop…

Which programs can it run?

AMD A6-6310 is the processor of Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260. It is a quad-core unit with 1.8GHz clock speed and turbo of 2.4GHz. Despite having four cores it gets only ~2400 points in Passmark tests, so in reality it’s not faster than mobile Core i3s from Intel. In the grand scheme of things, the A6-6310 is still capable chip at least for daily use like web surfing, writing and some multimedia, such as HD videos. You might also have luck with specialized programs such as Photoshop, and considering the high memory amount there shouldn’t be too much sluggishness present.

Indeed, the system has 8GB DDR3 1333MHz memory installed. It’s plenty for this cheap price. You can go all the way to 16GB, although both memory slots are already occupied. The storage drive is 750GB (5400RPM) SATA hard drive, again rather big for such an inexpensive computer. If you want to speed things up, you can always remove it and install an SSD in place.

And how’s gaming on it?

You can play some games on Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260. The laptop features an integrated Radeon R4 (Beema) chip which is admittedly slow, comparable to Intel HD 4000 unit. Lightweight types such as Minecraft, Sims 4 and League of Legends get 30-40+ FPS on lower details. I’ve even seen people playing the heavy GTA 5 on this rig, but lowest possible settings and resolution would be needed in that case, and the game would still feel rather choppy.

Is there anything special about the display?

Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260 is a big laptop, it has a 17.3″ display which is more than the usual 15.6 inches. Too bad the resolution is not Full HD, just 1600×900 which might be enough depending on your preferences. I personally wouldn’t mind the current resolution but perhaps some digital artists want to go for a Full HD display. The downside, of course, would be higher price – keeping in mind how little this Toshiba costs, I can’t really complain here. Also remember the display doesn’t support touch so you’ll have to do with trackpad-operated Windows 8.1.

What peripherals does it accept?

You can hook up three USB devices to Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260, the notebook comes with one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. HDTV or desktop display can also be plugged in, there are VGA and HDMI outputs for that.

The laptop has DVD burner installed on the left hand side, so feel free to read from or create discs. You can also utilize the SD card slot, for example, to upload photographs from your digital camera.

Networking options are both wired (10/100Mbps RJ-45) and wireless (802.11b/g/n). Bluetooth is not enabled, a cheap USB dongle will do the trick for you.

The laptop has HD-level webcam and microphone, making video chats possible here.

Other relevant things

These bigger laptops don’t shine when it comes to portability. The weight is 5.9 pounds and thickness 1.3 inches, not a pain in the ass, but still not enjoyable for traveling. The unit also includes a 6-cell 48Wh battery which isn’t going to last more than 4 hours non-intensive use.

The keyboard doesn’t light up. Numeric keypad is available on the right.

Summing it up

Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260 is an inexpensive notebook, offering some decent performance through its quad-core AMD processor, 8GB RAM and 750GB hard drive. To make things a lot faster, it might be in your best interest to swap the HDD for a solid-state drive, otherwise power users might feel the system is too slow to use. However, if you’re not a said power user, you should be fine with the “traditional” hard drive. Anyway, for the components and features the laptop offers, the price seems to be excellent. Hence, going for this notebook should be worth it.

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