Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 Laptop Review

February 17, 2016
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Toshiba is a known budget laptop manufacturer, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. An inexpensive notebook can be a very smart buy, especially if your computing needs aren’t that demanding. So enter Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130, a well-priced laptop that should meet any home user’s need. Let’s see what this simple system could do for you…

Is it good for software X?

If by software you mean the most used ones, such as Google Chrome browser, YouTube videos and office applications like Word and Excel, then surely Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 is good for that. It has a processor called Intel Core i3-5005U which, if you’re interested, has 2.0GHz clock speed and no turbo. The core amount is two like on other low voltage (TDP 15W) processors. It’s not a performance monster, but manages to get ca. 2900 points in CPU Mark which is very sufficient for everyday computing.

Other components contributing to the general performance are memory and hard drive. For the former, there’s 6GB DDR3L (low voltage again) memory, and it’s distributed on two sticks – 2GB and 4GB. It’s said in the official spec sheet that you can’t upgrade the RAM but I’m sure you can, with enough tech skills that is. However, the current six gigabytes is again enough if you’re not planning to run very demanding applications, such as Adobe Premiere video editing.

The hard drive here is a 750GB 5400RPM model. Talking about the raw storage size, it’s good for this price – you can, for example, store data equivalent to 150 DVDs on that drive. Flipside is the performance; this drive is much slower than modern solid-state drives. This is evident in Windows and many programs’ start up times. A tech savvy person can again tinker and replace the HDD with SSD if he wishes.

Also gamers like the laptop?

I don’t think gamers would find Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 very enjoyable. For graphics, the laptop offers Intel HD 5500, a tiny chip integrated on the i3-5005U processor. Such a small unit can not have great performance, and this will show on frame rates with most games. For example, if you’re to play GTA 5 be prepared to use normal details and 1366×768, the game will run but still feel laggy at around 20 frames per second. Fortunately, the situation is better if you’re into older games, as types like Minecraft run flawlessly on this rig.

What peripherals can be used with the system?

You’ll be able to connect up to three USB devices to Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 at the same time, there are two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port available. It’s also possible to connect a bigger screen, like HDTV, because the laptop comes with a full-sized HDMI output.

And what to do when you want to get Internet access? It should be simple, there’s an entry-level WiFi card (802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0) at your disposal. Also Gigabit RJ-45 port is available in case you want to connect via cable.

You can read and burn DVDs (and CDs) with this unit, a DVD burner is available on the left hand side. I guess if you don’t need it, you can remove the optical drive and put a secondary storage drive there.

SD card reader is installed on the system. So is HD webcam with dual microphones for some Skype video meetings.

Other important things

Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 is more like a desktop replacement than a portable laptop, that’s because it has a big 17.3″ screen. And about the display, it’s not the best you can get since resolution is just 1600×900 – no Full HD here. However in reality it’s not that bad, icons will just look bigger with this resolution. Mostly digital artists and power users don’t like that, but casual users should be fine with whatever resolution available. Also remember touch is not supported.

The laptop has a 4-cell 45Whr Li-ion battery, it will work for 4 hours under WiFi browsing before you need to charge it.

The keyboard does not have backlight option.

Operating system is the today’s standard, Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

Summing it up

There’s no reason to stay away from Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 in case you’re looking for a basic laptop for home or office environment. True, some compromises have been made like the platter-based hard drive that you don’t see in power user notebooks, but the other side of the story is indeed the low price here. Simply put, the division is this: all everyday programs will run fine, many heavier games wont. If you’re fine with that, you’re not likely to find unpleasant surprises in this Toshiba!

One thought on “Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 Laptop Review

  1. Bob

    As of Aug 2017 I have had this model come into my repair shop of 30 years many times and all with same problem. Power lamp flashes and will not turn on. I used to love Toshiba Laptops but now because so many come in, I don’t! This model has motherboard issues that can only be resolved by replacing the motherboard.


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