Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 Review

June 18, 2015
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Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 is a cheap laptop. Such a product might raise your concern about it’s quality and performance. Well, from what I can remember, Toshibas have traditionally been rather durable computers. And what comes to performance, there is a quad-core AMD processor and 4GB making sure at least everyday computing works lag-free. But how are the other aspects of this Toshiba? Moreover, does it offer at least acceptable value for your money? Below you’ll find my take on that!

Is it fast enough?

Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 contains a processor called AMD A6-6310. It’s a quad-core model, clocking at 1.8GHz and reaching up to 2.4GHz with turbo speed. At ~2400 CPU Mark points it’s comparable to some mobile Core i3s from the competitor Intel. It doesn’t have excellent performance, but for checking your emails, reading papers and even HD videos the A6-6310 is sufficient.

There’s 4GB RAM installed, the bare minimum one should accept in 2015. One memory slot is free, so RAM upgrade is possible. The manufacturer says the memory is not user upgradeable, but that’s not entirely true. You can do it yourself but you probably need to remove a lot of parts, like the bottom, in order to get to the RAM slots.

The hard drive is like one could expect in such a cheap laptop: 500GB big with 5400RPM rate. I don’t think many people surfing the web and doing other casual activities would need more, but few might indeed benefit from a faster drive. It looks like this Toshiba supports a storage drive upgrade so you can put in an SSD, but you’ll have to remove the old drive first.

Is the screen pleasant to look at?

The display in notebooks of this price is hardly ever great. The screen of Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 is 15.6 inches large and it features the basic 1366×768 resolution. It’s also a touch screen, although I wouldn’t expect too great quality from it. The display is decent for everyday computing, but don’t think it looks like a $1000 notebook screen.

How’s gaming on it?

Another thing inexpensive laptops struggle with is gaming. Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 is no different. It features Radeon R4 (Beema), an integrated graphics unit with similar performance to older Intel HD graphics engines (such as the 4000 model). The Radeon doesn’t really work for new games such as GTA V, which would get unplayable frame rates (below 15) even on lowest possible details. However, titles that don’t require a lot from the system work fine. Those include Fifa 14, Counter-Strike: GO, Sims 4 and other lightweight types.


Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 has basic connections adequate for a home user. Three USB ports are available (one being USB 3.0), and VGA & HDMI outputs can be used to connect HD television or desktop monitor to this notebook.

Accessing Internet is done either through 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port or 802.11b/g/n Wireless adapter. In addition, the laptop supports Bluetooth 4.0 which might come handy connecting a peripheral.

The computer has an internal DVD drive, creating and reading CDs and DVDs works. Some people will also find the built-in SD/MMC card slot useful.

You can use the laptop for video chatting, it has an HD webcam and microphone for that.

Are there other things to keep in mind?

Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 weighs 4.85 pounds, just like any other other 15.6″ unit. In my opinion, it’s not too inconvenient to travel with these things. Battery will be good for around 4 hours. It’s noted in the manual that the 4-cell 45Wh battery is non user replaceable, but I’m sure a knowledgeable person can replace the item himself.

Not surprisingly, backlit keyboard is not featured on this affordable model. A 10-keypad is, it’s attached on the right hand side.


Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 is a decent laptop for web surfing, writing papers and enjoying movies. It doesn’t excel at anything, but for the aforementioned tasks the notebook has easily enough performance. Gaming is something I can’t recommend, at least not if you want to have smooth frame rates with many top of the line games. The current price isn’t bad, so if you don’t require a lot from your laptop, this kind of easy going Toshiba rig might be a very smart choice for you.

One thought on “Toshiba Satellite C55DT-B5128 Review

  1. Minnie

    Bought this a little over a week ago from Best Buy, and as the salesman warned me, it had problems straight out of the box. The pointer often disappears if you’re using the track pad, and can be hard to get back. Or it it’s sludgy and hard to get to respond to your finger movements, which is probably the most frustrating drawback of this model.

    Also, if you have three to four tabs open – one running Facebook, one running Netflix, one on the Youtube home page, and one with LinkedIn open, for example – it gets incredibly slow with each new tab you open. Transitioning between tabs can be laggy and is not as seamless as with mid-range laptops. Same goes for opening programs like Microsoft Word – sometimes there is a noticeable and annoying delay when you open it or go to save a document.

    Basically, this computer functions the way you’d expect a mid-range laptop to act on its last legs after 5 or 6 years of fighting viruses and having its parts wear down from age…only it’s brand new. There are definitely noticeable nuisances, so beware. If you have no patience for anything that isn’t the smooth ride you’d expect from an HP or other higher-quality brand, steer clear. However, if you’re desperate, broke, and you just need something with the Internet and Microsoft Office, this model does the job (kind of).


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