Toshiba Satellite C55-B5295 Review

February 4, 2015
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If it’s a powerful yet reasonably priced laptop you’ve been after, you might’ve come across Toshiba Satellite C55-B5295. It’s a new release from the popular Japanese electronics giant, and contains some nice components such as a speedy Intel Core i5 processor. Also, the operating system is Windows 7 Pro (64-bit), which is good news for those who don’t find the Microsoft’s latest comfortable to use. Let me tell you more about this laptop’s features below.


For this price you can definitely expect some performance. Indeed, Toshiba Satellite C55-B5295 comes with Intel Core i5-4210U processor. It’s faster than regular Core i3s, with most important specs being 2.7GHz turbo feature and a dual-core setup. There shouldn’t be many programs which this processor couldn’t run. Also some gaming works as long as you don’t up the settings too much.

A healthy 8 gigabytes of RAM is installed on two memory slots. Like with all Toshiba Satellites, the manufacturer’s website states the RAM is not user upgradeable. However, as far as I know, that’s not entirely true: you can add more memory but first you have to disassemble part of the laptop.

The 1024GB hard drive is appropriate for this model, allowing you to store thousands and more files. Obviously, it doesn’t offer the speeds solid-state drives do, but for pure storage the terabyte hard drive is hard to beat.

Display and graphics

The screen of Toshiba Satellite C55-B5295 should be a basic 15.6″ diagonal with 1366×768 resolution. It has native support for 720p content, but of course videos larger than that (1080p) will show on the screen – just as a downscaled version. The screen doesn’t feature touch support, but I’d say it’s not essential for Windows 7 anyway.

The Core i5 processor contains a graphics circuit called Intel HD 4400. It’s not so bad performer, with games like Battlefield 4 reaching ~30FPS on low settings. The lightweight Minecraft would run with constant +50 frames per second as would many other, older titles (like World of Warcraft) even with eye candy turned on.


Toshiba Satellite C55-B5295’s connectivity doesn’t surprise me. It has three USB ports (one USB 3.0) for plugging in your peripherals. In addition to HDMI out, Toshiba has also decided to keep the older RGB (VGA) output in its laptops, so at least support for external monitors like HDTVs is solid.

Networking options are 100Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45 port) and a 802.11b/g/n single band WiFi. Bluetooth is not available which you can fix with a simple USB adapter.

You can burn DVDs on this laptop, there’s a SuperMulti optical drive on it. If you prefer smaller means of data transfer, you can also use the memory card reader for SD, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD and MMC cards.

The notebook features a high-definition webcam and microphone on top of the screen.

Any other things to keep in mind?

If portability concerns you, Toshiba Satellite C55-B5295 is pretty much the same than its competitors. It weighs 4.85 pounds while most 15.6″ laptops weigh 5 or more pounds. However, it offers a maximum 4 hours battery life which is nothing to celebrate about.

Getting quick access to number keys is possible thanks to the 10-key pad on keyboard’s right hand side. The keyboard is not a backlit one.

Some bloatware, disguised as Toshiba utility software, is pre-installed on this notebook. The main harm comes from slowing the computer down, but of course all these programs can be uninstalled if you feel so.

Summing it up

As somebody put it, this model is a nice update from older Toshiba laptops. It should indeed perform well, thanks to Core i5 processor and 8 gigabytes RAM. And at least to me, Windows 7 is more enjoyable than Windows 8. Weight is good, battery life is average. Gaming performance is alright, keeping the settings and resolution at minimum should allow many new games to run with playable frame rates. If you want an upgrade from your old and perhaps slow laptop, this Toshiba Satellite C55-B5295 should be a good item to start with.

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