SkyTech Pilot Gaming Desktop Review

April 13, 2016
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SkyTech Pilot, that’s an interesting name for a computer. Well, it’s not a top-tier brand like Dell or HP, just a company who puts parts together and sells the result as a very affordable gaming desktop. The price indeed is lucrative, but can you really get a good computer for gaming so cheap…?

Good for gaming?

So, SkyTech Pilot is a cheap desktop, it has a low-end graphics card called GeForce GT 610 with 1GB dedicated memory. It’s in the same category than integrated engines like older Intel HD chips, so you’re not going to experience top FPS. For example, GTA 5 on normal settings and 720p is going to give you around 25 frames per second. Not really ideal, but playable I’d say. On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Go runs fine on higher settings. Other popular games that work here are League of Legends and Minecraft.

How about general performance?

SkyTech Pilot features AMD FX-4300 as the processor, it’s a quad-core unit offering a 3.8GHz clock speed with 4.0GHz turbo. It’s a decent desktop chip with ~4600 CPU Mark score, enough to keep the system running smooth even under heavier programs – including photo editors like Illustrator and Photoshop. The computer’s memory 12GB is also pretty high, the maximum would be 16GB (there are two memory slots all in all).

The storage section wouldn’t be that great; you’re not getting a state-of-the-art SSD here – instead, you’ll have to do with 1TB (7200RPM) hard drive. It’s not bad however solid-state drive would make the system snappier. But fear not, there are free 3.5″ slots inside, meaning that SSD can be installed at least with the help of an adapter.

What ports and connections are there?

SkyTech Pilot is a budget computer, hence it doesn’t have USB 3.0 connectors, just six USB 2.0. At least one USB 3.0 would be good to get much better transfer rates if you have a device that needs a lot of bandwidth, like external storage drive. In addition to the USBs, there are HDMI, DVI and VGA ports for video outputs. Two monitors at the same time will work.

For networking, there’s the common RJ-45 port in the back panel. And as far as I know, also USB WiFi dongle is shipped with the desktop.

24X DVD burner is installed inside.

Miscellaneous features and benefits

The desktop includes keyboard and mouse, but not monitor.

Operating system is Windows 10 Professional (not Home, the better one!) 64-bit).


SkyTech Pilot is far from a full-blown gaming desktop. The GeForce GT 610 is a low-end card, comparable to some integrated graphics engines. This means that in reality, you can only play new games on low to medium settings – and the FPS might still be choppy. Old games of course are different, titles like CS: Go and Sims 4 will run flawlessly. Naturally, all the programs (including heavier types) are no issue. So if you’re fine with this, are on budget, and don’t like heavyweight games, then this SkyTech should be a good choice for you!

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