SkyTech HellFire Desktop Computer Review

July 13, 2016
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A gaming desktop for cheap, that would be every players’ dream, eh? Well, SkyTech HellFire surely looks like one: it has an affordable price tag and is called a gaming PC. Well, let’s take a look at this curious case and see if the ad copy really speaks the truth this time…

Gaming performance

Be advised that SkyTech HellFire doesn’t include a dedicated graphics card, only the Radeon R7 that’s integrated on the processor. However, the seller says it’s equivalent to R7 240 chip. Well, these embedded graphics are never too fancy, but you can still play a game or two here. Some examples:

– GTA 5, low settings and 720p, ~40FPS
– Fallout 4, low settings and 720p, ~25FPS
– Counter-Strike: Go, high/medium settings and 720p, +60FPS

If you’re not happy with the default graphics, remember you can always install a real graphics card here (PCI-e x16, maximum length 12.5″). For example, R7 240 & 250 and R9 270 fit fine on this system and will work in Crossfire mode with the integrated engine. Keep in mind if you put in a very heavyweight card, you’ll also want to upgrade the PSU (rated at 430W).

Other components in the engine room

The processor is AMD A10-7870K, a quad-core unit with 3.9GHz clock speed and 4.1GHz turbo frequency. It gets a decent amount of points in CPU Mark, around 5600, so suitability for gaming is guaranteed. And considering you get 8GB RAM you can also throw in image or video editing software and those will run without problems. The 8GB (1866MHz) memory is installed on one stick and there’s one slot free, so maximum RAM is 16GB here.

SkyTech HellFire has a dual storage drive setup, offering a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive plus a 120GB solid-state drive. Operating system is fortunately installed on the SSD so expect very fast boot-up times and general performance of the system. You can put all the static files, even some games, on the HDD part because it won’t run out of space!

Ports and connections

There are HDMI and DVI outputs available in the back panel, hence the computer is compatible with two simultaneous monitors. There are also six USB ports available to plug in input devices and other peripherals.

SkyTech HellFire has a RJ-45 port for networking with cable. A USB WiFi dongle is included as well so you can get wireless access to Internet.

The system features a 24x DVD burner (but no memory card reader).

Miscellaneous features and benefits

Operating system is Windows 10 Professional 64-bit.

Not much of a benefit, but the desktop doesn’t come with monitor, keyboard or mouse.


SkyTech HellFire looks like an extraordinary desktop (it’s surely quite wide), but the components inside are rather normal. The biggest question would be the integrated graphics solution – those are often quite slow engines! That being said, on low settings pretty much any game will still work. Also non-gaming activities, such as school projects and MS Office are not an issue for this computer. So, if you want to give a try for something cool-looking and functioning, you might as well get this SkyTech unit!

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