Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW Review

January 20, 2015
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So you don’t need to print color prints, eh? In that case, a monochrome printer like Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW might be a good pick. It’s a fast device with quite affordable printing costs, which obviously are excellent news if B&W prints are all you need. Without further ado, let me tell you the most important things about this Samsung below.


It’s been a trend for long time to put printer, scanner, copier and fax – all the essential office machines – into one package. Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW is no different, handling all the aforementioned tasks without problems. Like I’ve said before, a multifunctional printer like this is an advisable buy if you think you need all the functions, because it gives great savings in money and also office space.

The printer is operated by a 4-line LCD display. To my knowledge it’s not a touch display, but that’s not a real disadvantage for home or perhaps small office use.

A 802.11b/g/n wireless (with WiFi direct) is available on this Samsung. The usual USB 2.0 port and 10/100Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45) port are also there, allowing for printing through a wire.

The input tray takes up to 250 sheets, a standard amount for a printer of this price. Output tray capacity is 150 sheets. Also a reverse ADF capable for 50 sheets is installed, allowing you to automatically scan documents with two passes. Paper sizes supported are up to 8.5″ x 14″ which is also known as legal size.

Automatic duplex printing can be used to print on both sides.

The supported operating systems include all Windowses starting from XP and Mac OS X 10.5 & above. The printer should also work on various Linux distros.


Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW is advertised as having 40 ppm speed. That’s fast, although you can make that rate somewhat smaller for real world use. Even so, I’d say hardly anybody would complain about the speed of this Samsung. First print out is the usual ~6 seconds.

The printer boasts a respectable monthly duty cycle: 80,000 pages. If you do a little math you’ll end up with whopping 2700 pages a day which practically nobody will reach. Of course, the recommended amount is much smaller, and anyway printing closer to 100,000 pages a month on this Samsung would mean a huge toner bill. All in all, hundred or two pages a day should be good volume for this printer.

256MB memory is installed on the printer which should be enough for typical office use. If you have a huge user group or print complex graphics, you can triple the memory to 768MB with an additional memory chip – which, by the way, has a similar price than the printer itself.


Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW eats black toner cartridges. It also accepts extra high yield toner with capacity for 10,000 prints. With the current price of around 165 bucks, cost per page would be ~1.65 cents with that cartridge. That’s rather economical and if you print every day a hundred pages, the daily cost would be around $1.5.

The printer comes with a starter toner cartridge that allows for 3000 B&W prints, so you don’t have to get a separate toner right away.


Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW seems to be a solid printer for offices or some home users who don’t require colors. What comes to features, duplex printing and rADF are useful things to have, and the speed of ~40ppm should suffice for the hasty. Running costs – assuming you use the highest yield toner – are also rather low. For small businesses looking for a working monochrome laser, this Samsung might be well worth it.

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