Samsung Electronics XE513C24-K01US Chromebook Review

January 9, 2017
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The peak popularity of Chromebooks was a few years ago, yet there are still a lot of people who find these Chrome based laptops worth their while. A new addition to this “family” is Samsung Electronics XE513C24-K01US, a laptop with 2-in-1 functionality and beautiful 2400×1600 screen. It might be a good idea to buy it, but to be sure, we must dissect the laptop and see what it’s really up to!

General performance

One important thing you should know about Samsung Electronics XE513C24-K01US is the processor. It’s not Intel or AMD, but Samsung’s own OP1 ARM processor with six cores (the setup being two Cortex A72 cores and four Cortex A54 cores). Now, since the laptop and this processor are new, there are no benchmarks about it. However it’s suffice to say you’ll find enough oomph for the (lightweight) Chrome operating system to run.

The memory is soldered as you might guess, there being 4GB LPDDR3 RAM. The storage drive is a 32GB eMMC. That is embedded MultiMediaCard, like a stripped-down version of a real solid-state drive. As you can see the storage itself is minimal, so you should utilize online clouds like Google Drive.

Is it good for games?

You might know “games” (= Windows installable ones) don’t run on Chromebook without the help of emulators or such. So, you’re limited to browser games, but keep in mind all of them run on this notebook fine. There’s also a built-in support for Google Play Store from which you can download and use your favorite Android applications, and indeed games, without issues!

Can I connect peripherals to it?

There are a few ports which you can use to hook up your peripheral(s) to Samsung Electronics XE513C24-K01US. First, there are two USB-C connectors allowing up to 5Gbps transfer rates for data and 4K 60hz support for displays. Those USB-Cs are rather multi-use ports: in addition to regular USB devices, you can even connect a HDMI-supporting monitor with a right adapter – there’s no dedicated HDMI-output on this machine.

Networks you can reach with the notebook’s WiFi adapter. It supports the faster and higher range 802.11ac 2×2 standard and also Bluetooth 4.0. Chromebooks don’t usually have RJ-45 port, neither does this, but USB-C to RJ-45 adapters work here.

There’s a microSD card slot on the notebook. You can transfer files using it, and another excellent use for memory cards is to increase the local storage (which is just 32GB here, remember).

No DVD burner is installed on this laptop. If you want it, get an external drive. Just remember that Chromebooks won’t run video or audio DVDs, just read the disk contents as files (data DVDs).

What other things it has?

The touch screen of Samsung Electronics XE513C24-K01US is beautiful, just beautiful! The compact-sized 12.3″ display sports 2400×1600 resolution, giving a crystal-clear image for you to enjoy. The hinge rotates 360 degrees so you’ll also get a Chromebook tablet at your disposal. The screen can be used with a pen as well, and the pen is included. In the top bezel a 720p webcam is installed. Skype doesn’t work on Chrome OS without serious tinkering, but Google Hangouts (an alternative to Skype) runs of course!

The notebook has a 39Whr internal battery and it’s going to last 8-10 hours – quite a normal duration for Chromebook.

The keyboard does not have backlight.


Samsung Electronics XE513C24-K01US is a slim, good looking Chromebook whose list of strong points doesn’t end in aesthetics. You see, its performance is solid for a Chrome system and everything you can do on the browser you can surely do on this laptop. Given the performance and high resolution 2-in-1 display, the price isn’t that bad at all – if you want a beautiful laptop with excellent portability and screen, include this Samsung on your shopping list now!

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