MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 Gaming Laptop Review

August 30, 2016
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Are you wanting to play games on a laptop and you don’t need to worry about the price? I see, in that case something like MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 should be a noteworthy choice. It’s an elite gaming laptop of heavyweight graphics engine and display. Read on to see what I really think about it…

Concentrating on gaming

GeForce GTX 1060 is a new graphics card, including 6GB GDDR5 memory and performance above GTX 970 and very close to the older champion GTX 980. So in real life, you can expect a smooth sail. For example, games such as Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5 will get more than 60 frames per second even when 1080p resolution and high-ultra settings are in use. And don’t forget the engine supports VR (virtual reality) in case you’re into such high-tech.

General performance

MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 runs on a very powerful Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor. It has got four cores, a hefty 2.6GHz clock speed and even a bigger turbo boost (3.5GHz). If it tells anything to you, the CPU Mark score the processor gets is around 8000 – surely enough for the most demanding applications there exists. You can also rely on the 16GB DDR4 memory (2x8GB) the system has. Feel free to upgrade to 32GB, however I don’t think anybody really needs that much.

The storage section can not get better if you ask me. There’s a one terabyte 7200RPM SATA drive serving you huge storage space, and at the same time a 128GB M.2 SATA drive is included for faster operations. You can not put extra drives in as there are no free slots, but replacing both of the current drives works.

Ports and connections

To beef the MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 up with peripherals, you can use its two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3 Type-C port. There are video outputs available as well, HDMI-out and miniDisplayPort to be precise.

Networking should not be problematic, the system comes with a Gigabit LAN port and a wireless AC WiFi adapter with support for Bluetooth 4.1.

You are not going to find a DVD burner in this unit, but in this era it’s not so important to begin with. Memory card reader is however there, it works with SD, SDHC and SDXC cards.

Other noteworthy things

MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 provides a decent 14″ screen which supports Full HD resolution, G-Sync and IPS panel. It should be very sufficient for hardcore gaming given those specs. Also a Full HD webcam is included so you can chat with your gaming buddies if you wish.

Keep in mind the battery is internal so it’s very tough to change. It’s a 4-cell 61Whr unit but reading user reviews, you will only get around an hour out of it under gameplay (and 2-3 hours when browsing the web).

The keyboard features backlight.


MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 is probably everything a gamer wants from a laptop. Essential thing is the new and very powerful gaming card, the GeForce GTX 1060. With that, no game will lag regardless of the settings you use. Full HD resolution can be used at all times, be it gaming or video editing you are up to. If you can afford this beast you won’t ever have to suffer from low frame rates, that’s for sure!

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