MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445 Review

July 8, 2015
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Laptops costing over 1000 bucks often have one thing in common: a fast, dedicated graphics card. Those kind of computers are good news for gamers, where decent frame rates and high details are both required. MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445 is such a powerful laptop, featuring a Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM, but more importantly a nice Geforce GTX970M that should interest many players. But the most alarming issue is: Can this rig absolutely run your favorite games without problems? And is it worth its expensive price? Read on and you’ll find answer to those questions.

How’s the general performance?

There’s some latest technology in MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445. It features Intel Core i7-5700HQ, a quad-core CPU with 2.7GHz clock frequency and 3.5GHz turbo. It’s very new one – release date was in Summer 2015 – so there aren’t many benchmarks available yet. However, it’s expected to possess similar performance than older i7s, such as the 4800MQ who reaches over 8500 points in Passmark tests. As it is, i7-5700HQ is ridiculously powerful processor (no low voltage design here), it’s good for any imaginable program there currently exists.

The laptop contains 16GB memory (DDR3L 1600MHz), it’s maxed out already so more can’t be added. Hard drive is large 1024GB one supporting 7200RPM transfer rates. It looks like it’s connected to a SATA 3Gbps port and one M.2 connector is free. This means you can put in an solid-state drive and give a performance boost for the system.

Anything good/bad about the display?

MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445 has a 17.3″ anti-glare display featuring 1920×1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. It seems to be a TN panel, no IPS here. Also remember it doesn’t support touch, these gaming laptops rarely do.

What games can it run well?

I’d say pretty much any game runs on full details on this computer. The graphics card is GeForce GTX970M (3GB GDDR5), a high end unit able to keep GTA V at comfortable ~40FPS on ultra and 1920×1080. The Witcher 3 would have bit less frames, but still playable on similar settings. Most games are less demanding than those, their FPS goes through the roof no matter what details you’re using.

How are its connections?

MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445 contains a lot of USB ports: four USB 3.0 and two USB 3.1 are available. I bet it can take all the peripherals you might need to plug in. To connect an external screen (or HDTV), you can use the laptop’s HDMI 1.4 and two miniDP ports.

There’s a DVD burner inside so you can install games also from discs. SD card slot can be used to upload stuff from mobile phones, cameras and such. A full HD webcam is available as well, so expect high quality video chats with your buddies.

To get Internet access you can use Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port, also known by its fancy name Killer E2200 Game Networking. 2×2 AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter is there too if you prefer the wireless.

Miscellaneous stuff

MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445 is a lot of things, but portable it is not. The unit weighs a whopping 8.4 pounds, and combined with 17.3″ display size it’s not very pleasant to travel with. Also, despite having a nice 9-cell battery I don’t think you’ll get more than one or two hours running time when gaming. Surfing the web you’ll probably reach four hours.

The keyboard has a full-color backlight and numpad on the right.


I think MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445 is as close to a proper gaming laptop as you can get. It features all the things a player would be looking for: excellent processor, a lot of RAM and a real dedicated graphics unit. As a result, all the Windows games are definitely playable here, the vast majority on high/ultra settings and Full HD – including heavyweight ones like GTA V and The Witcher. Also any program this rig can run without issues, although I wouldn’t get this computer if I didn’t play games because of the expensive graphics card. So to sum it up, if you’re a gamer with enough money and want to make sure your gaming sessions are not hampered by annoying lag, this premium MSI should make a very good laptop for you.

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