MSI GL72 6QF-405 Gaming Laptop Review

July 18, 2016
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What did you want to know about the MSI GL72 6QF-405? Whether it’s a good gaming notebook or not? I guessed it! If you are spending so much money on a computer you need to know if it runs all the demanding games you like. I’ll tell you that and more below…

How good is it for gaming?

You might be doubtful about the gaming performance of MSI GL72 6QF-405 due to its relatively low price (indeed compared to those pricier laptops). But don’t fear. The graphics card inside is actually a good one, the GeForce GTX960M with 2GB GDDR5 memory. Getting decent frame rates is relatively easy, even if you have high settings on many games. Some examples:

– Grand Theft Auto 5, high settings and 1080p, +40 FPS
– Fallout 4, high settings and 1080p, +30 FPS
– Counter-Strike: Go, high settings and 1080p, +120 FPS

General performance

The processor belongs to the heavyweight series, or what do you think about the Intel Core i7-6700HQ? The unit features four cores, a 2.6GHz clock speed and 3.5GHz turbo. So even though it’s a 2015 model it’s still quite a fresh processor. Throw any software (like Photoshop) at it and your programs will be handled smooth and nice.

For memory, MSI GL72 6QF-405 has one 8GB DDR4 module inside. That is plenty for starters, but you can also upgrade that as one slot is free (the maximum memory being 32GB with two 16GB sticks).

The hard drive is a 1024GB 7200RPM platter-based one. The case has free SSD slot, it’s good for installing SATA or NVMe drive and I read people have successfully done so.

What ports and connections are included?

I know you want to connect the laptop to Internet; for that you can use the 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter or the Gigabit RJ-45 LAN port.

USB ports are plenty in this laptop: one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and one USB 3.1 Type-C port. To those, many devices can be hooked up. In addition, there are also various video outputs: HDMI, miniDisplayPort and VGA.

The notebook has DVD burner for using discs, also SD card reader is present.

Miscellaneous things

MSI GL72 6QF-405 comes with a huge 17.3 inches display, surely enough for laptop gaming. Naturally, 1920×1080 resolution is supported. The screen is matte (a.k.a. non-reflective). You can also film videos with the embedded 720p web camera.

There’s a 6-cell battery which sadly won’t last very long on a single charge. People have been reporting just 2-3 hours operating time, even when just browsing the web.

Unfortunately backlit keyboard isn’t available.


MSI GL72 6QF-405 is an affordable alternative to those 2000 dollar gaming notebooks that are meant for the most enthusiastic players. The good thing about this MSI is, it can surely keep appropriate frame rates on your beloved games even if you’re greedy with the settings. For this reason, and also because folks have left good reviews about this notebook, I can recommend it if PC gaming is a hobby you really enjoy!

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