MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 Review

June 3, 2015
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If you want to game on a laptop be prepared to pay premium. At least thousand bucks, which is the case with MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867. For the money you’ll get a lot for sure: a high-end i7-4720HQ processor, GeForce GTX 960M graphics card and 8GB memory. These things should make sure that majority of games work flawlessly. But are there some drawbacks in this MSI? Perhaps, read on to find out more…


MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 seems to have an excellent processor for the price. The Intel Core i7-4720HQ is a quick quad core CPU from the beginning of 2015, featuring 2.6GHz clock speed and 3.6GHz frequency with its turbo mode. It’s indeed a 4th generation model but the raw performance is above every 5th generation chip to date. As such, the i7-4720HQ is more than enough for all the applications and games. And with the latter, it’s anyway more about the graphics engine which is also proper in this laptop (I’ll tell more about that later).

The unit has one 8GB DDR3L (1600MHz) RAM stick installed. The system supports two such modules, so feel free to add more memory if you think that ups the performance. Beginning with the current eight is however a good idea, it should be enough to get you started with practically every game.

The hard drive is 1024GB big and it runs on 7200RPM rate. That’s a lot of space to store your games on (the huge World of Warcraft, for example, needs over 20GB with all expansions). That being said, not everybody really needs so big storage. But don’t worry, there’s a free mSATA slot so you can add a small solid-state drive inside to give a real performance boost to this machine.

Graphics and screen

MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 has a 15.6″ display featuring 1920×1080 resolution. It has no touch support which shouldn’t be a big deal for players. People commented the screen having good colors and viewing angles so it should indeed be a great choice for games.

GeForce GTX 960M (GDDR5 2GB) is the graphics unit of this model. It’s a full-blown dedicated gaming card, miles ahead of those slow Intel HD integrated chips. You’re able to fire up any game and play most with high details. For example, the demanding GTA V gives over 40 frames per second on very high details and Full HD resolution. A lot of games require less than that, allowing you to keep ultra settings with many titles.


There are two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 in MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 so you can plug in several peripherals. You can also connect desktop monitor or HDTV to the unit’s VGA or HDMI output.

You can use both cable and wireless for Internet. The notebook has Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port and AC WiFi adapter, also Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled.

There’s a built-in DVD burner in this thing, so feel free to install games and stuff from discs (although BluRay is not supported). An SD/MMC card reader is featured too, but it might not be very useful for players.

The notebook comes with a fixed 720P HD webcam. You can open up Skype or similar program and video chat with your gaming friends easily.

Other relevant things?

The laptop weighs 5.3 pounds, the same than an average 15.6 incher does. Another thing to keep in mind is the battery life which is never good in gaming notebooks. With the included 6-cell battery you’ll get an hour or two when gaming, around three when doing something lighter. Either case, you’d better have a power socket close to you.

MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 is fancy enough to feature a backlit keyboard. It has a dedicated numpad on the right hand side as well.

People reported the unit gets quite hot gaming. To combat that, you can get a USB cooling pad (~30 dollars) underneath it.


MSI GE Series GE60 Apache Pro-867 is one of the faster laptops currently available. Any game you throw at it will run smoothly, and almost all of them even on high details and 1080p resolution. If for some reason you’re not happy with the performance, more RAM and faster solid-state drive can always be added. But with the default components this thing is blazing fast, and in addition to games, practically all applications and programs will work lag-free. People have also praised this thing for being durable and lightweight, moreover MSI is known for their high quality products. Combine all these facts and you got a keeper I’d dare to say!

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