Lenovo Y700 (90DG0006US) Gaming Desktop Review

April 20, 2016
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So, you are into desktop gaming but don’t want to build your own machine? No problem, buy a brand one that’s assembled for you! Lenovo Y700 (90DG0006US) is one of the newer computers meant for players whose first priority is top frame rates. Let’s see what it includes, and how it benefits you…

About gaming performance

Lenovo Y700 (90DG0006US) features one of the high-end dedicated graphics, the GeForce GTX 960 with 2GB GDDR5 memory, so what can you expect? Well, pretty much all games will have nice frame rates on high or very high settings. Let me give you an example: the famous GTA 5, if you put ultra settings and 1080p resolution (= the beefiest set-up) you will get 50-60FPS on average. Same settings on Fallout 4, you’re going to get 40-50 frames per second. Very good indeed, and nothing is stopping you from upgrading the card (PSU is 450W, it should accommodate a faster card). Just remember only one PCI-e x16 is available, so no SLI works here.

Other components under the hood

Lenovo Y700 (90DG0006US) has a capable processor, the Intel Core i5-6500 (3.2GHz clock speed, 3.6GHz turbo). Being one of the better desktop CPUs, this quad-core unit receives ~7000 points in CPU Mark benchmark. That is plenty for gaming as well as for running advanced software on this rig. Memory is also in good shape, 8GB DDR4 1600MHz installed. It’s one stick, there is another free memory slot on mainboard. Manual says the maximum supported RAM is 16GB.

Storage drive section is excellent. There are actually two kinds of drives installed, a hybrid 1TB 7200RPM HDD + 8GB cache drive, and in addition a 120GB solid-state drive. A huge storage and great performance is thus guaranteed.

How about the connectivity?

The graphics card of Lenovo Y700 (90DG0006US) includes all the common video outputs: DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. It supports a three-monitor configuration. The desktop also has four USB 3.0 and six USB 2.0 ports for you to connect your peripherals. Networking is brought to you by Gigabit RJ-45 port and Wireless adapter (802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0).

Optical drive is included, it reads and burns CDs and DVDs. Media card reader is also there, with it you’re able to transfer for example photos from your digital camera. The card reader supports MS (Pro), SD (HC/XC) and MMC (Plus) formats.

Miscellaneous benefits

The desktop comes with keyboard and mouse built for gaming, but monitor is not included.

Operating system is one of the best you can get these days, Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


Lenovo Y700 (90DG0006US) is not too an expensive gaming desktop; you’ll get fast enough components (the GTX 960 card!) so any game should run with decent-to-great FPS and very high settings. Also processor and storage drive are snappy, running complex applications is not an issue. There’s nothing greatly wrong about the desktop, so just pair it with a quality display and you have a very decent gaming rig at your disposal!

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