Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS) Review

September 17, 2015
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There are a couple of things that considerably increase the price of a laptop. Those are solid-state drive and more importantly, dedicated graphics card. Well, both are present in Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS), so great performance for both software and games should be present. But does that mean the laptop is really a good buy, and would it offer at least acceptable value for its quite high price? I’ll answer those things in the review below.

General performance

You shouldn’t be doubtful about the performance of Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS), there are so strong components keeping all things running lag and stutter free. The most important would be the processor, Intel Core i7-4720HQ, which is a full-blown professional CPU with four cores and 2.6GHz clock frequency (that goes up to 3.6GHz with turbo). It eats demanding software for breakfast, no application can really stop it, but power consumption of such a beast is quite big (max thermal design power 47W vs. ~10W of the low voltage CPUs). If you don’t mind that, you got one of the best units at your disposal – average CPU Mark is almost 8200 while common processors like 5th Generation i5s receive something around 3500.

The notebook memory is already maxed out so you don’t need to upgrade it. There’s 16GB (DDR3L 1600MHz) RAM inside installed on two 8GB sticks. That should suffice for anyone, even eight gigabytes is often enough for power users.

The storage is also excellent, or how does a 256GB solid-state drive sound to you? It seems to be a SATA drive and there aren’t extra bays for additional drives, but I don’t think many people care. Such an SSD is probably everything you want, there’s no need to swap an old hard drive for a solid-state drive, you already have the excellent SSD performance in this computer.

What games does it run?

Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS) is a gaming laptop, that’s what the manufacturer tells us. For once you can trust their word because there’s an actual, dedicated graphics card inside. The GeForce GTX960M (4GB) runs most games fine, including those with high system requirements – GTA V played on high settings and 1080p gives closer to 50 frames per second. As you can guess, less demanding titles like Minecraft, League of Legends and many Steam-based ones are a piece of cake here.


A pricey laptop must have a quality screen, eh? In the case of Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS) it looks exactly like that. The 17.3″ display sports a professional-level IPS panel and 1920×1080 resolution. Also touch is supported although I don’t personally mind if that feature is missing on a laptop. Anyway, such a screen works very well for gaming and image/video editing, colors should be decent and viewing angles wide.

Connections and ports

You’re free to plug in peripherals to Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS) through its three USB ports. Two are USB 3.0, one is USB 2.0. There’s also an option to use the notebook with a TV or other kind of external monitor, the system has HDMI output for that.

Networking options include excellent 802.11 A/C-type WiFi with Bluetooth 4.0 support. Also Gigabit Ethernet port is there if you prefer cable, the old way to connect to Internet.

Even though it’s a big laptop, there’s no internal optical drive. Instead, an external DVD burner is included, you can hook that up to the Lenovo’s USB port. SD/MMC card slot is available too, on the right hand side of the machine.

The screen supports Full HD, but the webcam only 720p resolution. It’s not bad for occasional video chatting, even recording videos is good if you’re OK with the quality.

Miscellaneous yet important things

Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS) is not on-the-go laptop, the bulky 17.3″ screen and 7.5 pounds weight make sure of that. Also the 4-cell 54Wh battery won’t last forever with the power thirsty components, 4 hours browsing and 1-2 hours gaming is my guess. The battery can be replaced, but not just by snapping it out, you’d need to remove the bottom first.

The keys have a red backlight. Dedicated numpad is likewise available.


Lenovo Y70 (80DU00ESUS) is much more than a general use laptop, it’s a real gaming machine. The GeForce GTX960M card takes gaming to a level where it should be for an avid player, high settings and resolution with AAA games, that is. The 17.3″ Full HD display offers a great gaming environment, and the strong trio of i7 processor, 16GB RAM and a 25GB SSD make sure that general feel of this laptop will be smooth and lag-free. Considering the price – which is not huge for a powerful gaming laptop – I’d say this Lenovo is totally worth the money.

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