Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) Review

May 13, 2015
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Gaming has traditionally been a desktop computer activity, but brave people also play on laptops. And for that, you need a powerful rig. Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) is advertised as a gaming laptop, sporting a full-blown Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and a dedicated GeForce graphics card. You can surely play games on such a machine, but is the Lenovo ultimately worth its price? Let’s see…


The processor of Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) is top notch. It’s Intel Core i7-4720HQ, one of the fastest laptop CPUs to date. It runs on a quad-core configuration and 2.6GHz base speed. Moreover, turbo feature takes the clock frequency up to 3.6GHz. In the popular CPU Passmark tests this unit gets an excellent 8000+ grade. As a comparison, low energy, 5th generation i7s reach only around half of that. Performance is indeed huge in this one, although someone looking for an all-around processor probably finds it too fast and expensive. On the other hand, the i7-420HQ won’t slow down on games or very heavy applications, so for a power user it’s an ace.

The sixteen gigabytes RAM isn’t bad either, allowing for smooth system operations even under stress. The memory is indeed maxed out, so you couldn’t add more, but 16GB DDR3L SDRAM should do the trick for anyone.

Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) has a 256GB solid state drive ready to serve your files at lightning speed. Windows 8.1 should boot up in a matter of seconds. The flipside to this is of course the raw storage size: 256GB isn’t that much compared to terabyte hard drives. That’s a fact you must accept, but it won’t be a problem unless you’re planning to install dozens and dozens of games. And there is always the possibility to swap the solid-state drive for an HDD.

Graphics and screen

The laptop’s touchscreen is 17.3″ diagonal with Full HD support, letting you play on the best 1920×1080 gaming resolution. There are no user comments about display quality, but at this price point, you should expect a decent screen at least.

What makes Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) a gaming laptop is the graphics card. It’s not a common Intel HD chip but a real dedicated GeForce GTX860M. It’s many time faster than processor-integrated units, being able to retain playable FPS on many games with most or full eye candy turned on. For example, Battlefield 4 should reach 30 frames per second on 1920×1080 and ultra settings. Assassin’s Creed Unity should get similar on medium to high details.


Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) has four USB ports in total. Two of those are USB 3.0, although more would perhaps be needed if you have many gaming peripherals. The laptop can also be connected to bigger monitor or even an HDTV through its HDMI output.

Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac WiFi adapter are quality interfaces for networking. Bluetooth doesn’t seem to be supported. For that a cheap USB adapter can be acquired.

Optical drive is not built in. Thus, if you need to install games from discs, you must use an external DVD drive. But software is often downloaded from Internet these days. Also, the notebook’s built-in SD/MMC card slot might be helpful.

The integrated 720p webcam lets you chat with friends and family on Skype and similar programs.

Something else to keep in mind?

One of the things that’s not advertised a lot is the product size. Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) weighs 7.5 pounds, much more than a cookie cutter 15.6″ laptop (~5 pounds). Of course, for gamers the heavy weight isn’t an issue. They just place the laptop on a table and let it be there untouched.

The notebook is given a 5 hours battery life, but I doubt that with the power hungry processor, big screen and dedicated graphics card you’ll get that much. Around 3 hours is a realistic expectation.

The keyboard comes with all bells and whistles: it has a numpad on the right and keys are illuminated with a red light.

Summing it up

Lenovo Y70 (80DU00BDUS) is a laptop for people who want to play a lot but don’t have money for a professional gaming rig. This unit is a compromise between price and performance, although the i7-4720HQ processor and GTX860M card can certainly tackle the majority of games without any problems whatsoever. Full HD touchscreen display and solid connectivity are other advantages of this notebook. So if you want to game on a laptop but those 2000 bucks Alienwares seem too pricey to you, getting this Lenovo might be something to think about!

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