Lenovo Y50 (59439766) Laptop Review

April 27, 2015
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Lenovo Y50 (59439766) surely looks attractive to many. Dubbed “gaming laptop”, it sports a powerful Core i5 processor, terabyte hybrid hard drive and dedicated GeForce 860M graphics. A power user or gamer can probably put these components to good use, but how about the laptop’s value? Is it worth its price? That’s what we will try to figure out below.


Intel Core i5-4210H is a so-called 4th generation processor of two cores, 2.9GHz base speed and excellent 3.5GHz turbo frequency. It’s not ultra-low voltage processor unlike newest 5th generation Core i5 models, so energy consumption is bigger but so is the performance. The i5-4210H receives a high 4700 grade in CPU Passmark tests while its new ULV counterparts get considerably less, around 3700. Indeed, this processor is optimized for professionals and demanding users who’re not keen on power efficiency but want their programs (and games) run without lagging.

Lenovo Y50 (59439766) boasts 8GB RAM, an appropriate number for this price. Not many are those who would require more, but rest assured upgrading the memory to 16GB is possible. There are two SODIMM sockets on the mainboard, allowing a configuration of 2x8GB memory modules.

A hard drive with 1024GB storage is installed on the laptop, giving you a lot of space to play with. The drive is actually a hybrid so it comes with a 8GB SSD. However, it’s not a real solid-state drive, just a small cache. You might see little improvement in user experience but not something comparable to a real SSD-powered system. Of course, those who are tech-savvy might want to remove the hybrid and put in an SSD instead.

Graphics and screen

There’s a 15.6 inches screen in Lenovo Y50 (59439766). That’s the most popular size because everybody can find 15″ at least decent for their needs. The resolution is of course 1920×1080, so a lot of screen estate is offered. Also, it’s a matte display, so using it in bright rooms and outside should be easy on the eye. The display doesn’t have touch support, but I don’t regard this as a disadvantage. In my opinion, the pre-installed Windows 8.1 (64-bit) can be used with trackpad and keyboard just like any other Windows.

It looks like the best part of Lenovo Y50 (59439766) is the graphics chip. See, it’s not just any graphics engine, but the dedicated GeForce GTX 860M with 2GB GDDR5 memory. That thing should be more than three times faster than the popular (yet integrated) Intel HD 4000. That is a lot, and the 860M can be easily called a mobile gaming card. You can run most games with high or even ultra settings and Full HD resolution, including Battlefield 4, which would yield 25-30 FPS on such details. One of the heaviest games, Thief, would reach 25 FPS or less on ultra settings, but lowering the details would up the frame rates a big time.


A small disadvantage of these new Lenovos is the USB configuration. I mean, considering the price, it would make sense to have all the three USB ports version 3.0. But just two are USB 3.0 while one is slower USB 2.0. Not definitely a biggie, but something to keep in mind if you have many high-end peripherals waiting to be connected.

A HDMI output is provided, so if you want to use your laptop through external display (like HDTV) you can do that. Networking seems to be solid with a dual-band A/C WiFi adapter, 1000Mbps RJ-45 port and Bluetooth 4.0. The 720p webcam should give good enough image for video chats on Skype.

Lenovo Y50 (59439766) has no optical drive. So what do you do if you want to read and write discs? Get an external USB-connecting DVD drive. It’s simple although costs a bit. But you might be able to go around this, by downloading your files entirely from the Internet. Another thing would be to use the notebook’s built-in SD card reader, although this is only applicable if you have files on memory cards.

Any other things to keep in mind?

5.3 pounds, the weight of Lenovo Y50 (59439766), is no better or worse than other 15.6″ laptops in the market. However, the battery life is probably worse than the competitors: the 47W processor and dedicated 860M graphics card require a lot of power, hence the battery life is only up to 3 hours. Not good news for travelers. On the other hand, these gaming laptops never are. Just make sure you have power socket nearby and there are no problems.

A neat red glowing light illuminates the keys. Numeric keypad is installed on the right side.

Wrapping it up

Lenovo Y50 (59439766) is a pricey laptop, but it also offers more than a regular notebook. The Core i5-4210H processor and GTX 860M card come useful if you’re a player. There are basically no games that wouldn’t run on this computer. Some newer ones might require reducing details to retain smooth frame rates, but other than that, you’re golden. And there is also a more expensive Core i7 powered model if you want even more oomph. A person enjoying gaming would get most out of these laptops. others not so much. Paying for high-end components – especially dedicated graphics – makes no sense if you can’t find good use for them. But if you want to play, definitely check this Lenovo out!

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