Lenovo Y50 (59426255) Review

June 11, 2015
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Lenovo Y50 (59426255) is known as a touchscreen gaming laptop. I don’t know how well those two things go together, but at least gaming performance seems to be pretty solid on this one. The system features a dedicated GeForce GTX860M graphics engine to speed up your games big time, and together with the i7 processor no application should lag. The bad side, of course, is the expensive price. So the obvious question is: Are you ready to pay this much for your notebook? Read on to see what we recommend…


High-end components are many in Lenovo Y50 (59426255). Starting with the obvious, the system boasts Intel Core i7-4700HQ, a quad-core processor of 2.4GHz clock speed and 3.4GHz turbo. It belongs to the same category than speedy 4710HQ and 4720HQ, reaching around 8000 points in Passmark benchmark. Only handful of processors get more. Conversely, many get less: for example, mobile i3s get only around 2500. It tells something about the performance of these i7s. They’re true professional & gamer processors that are both expensive and powerful enough to keep demanding programs and games running smoothly.

The laptop has one 8GB DDR3L or two 4GB DDR3L (1600MHz) memory modules installed, depending on the model, but the total RAM is always 8GB. It might please power users but if you yearn for more, you’ll be glad to know the memory is upgradeable to 16GB. To get that, you’d have to put in two 8GB modules.

Lenovo Y50 (59426255) includes a hybrid hard drive. That is an unit offering 1024GB 5400RPM drive (housing Windows files) and a small 8GB SSD acting as a cache. It might be enough for you, but if not, feel free to swap it for a real solid-state drive. The laptop has one 2.5″ bay, meaning there’s space for only one drive at a time. However, it should be easy to access, so swapping the drive is not an issue.

Screen and graphics

Lenovo Y50 (59426255) features a glossy 15.6″ touchscreen with Full HD support. You might’ve read this TN panel offers bad quality compared to fancier IPS screens. This is mostly a concern for professionals working with graphics, but for everyday computing and gaming I bet you won’t notice the difference. Besides, gamers usually like TN panels because they are faster than IPS ones. Also bear in mind the screen won’t flip 360 degrees, you’ll find no tablet mode in this computer!

Now for the most interesting part, the gaming performance. Lenovo’s graphics are powered by a dedicated GeForce GTX 860M (2GB GDDR5) card. It’s a gaming engine in a sense that about every title will run, but not all of them on Ultra settings. As an example, GTA V will have ~40 on high and 1920×1080, but Ultra will give around 20. That said, many older games work on Ultra without problems – like the good old Skyrim that gives solid 40FPS on 1080p. Minecraft belongs to the category of smoothly running games, too.


Lenovo Y50 (59426255) comes with two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0, so you’ll be able to hook up some gaming peripherals. A bigger monitor can also be plugged, the laptop has HDMI output for that.

You should find sufficient networking options here. The notebook offers Gigabit Ethernet port for cable and Intel AC WiFi for wireless. You can also connect Bluetooth peripherals, BT 4.0 is tied to the WiFi card.

Lenovo Y50 (59426255) has no space for internal DVD drive but the manufacturer knows people prefer to install some games from discs. So what to do? Well, the laptop comes with an external optical drive that burns CDs and DVDs but no Blu-Rays.

Other things included are the built-in SD/MMC card slot and 720p webcam for video chatting.


Lenovo Y50 (59426255) weighs 5.3lbs which is the same than its competitors. The 4-cell battery will last for around 4 hours if you’re not gaming, but firing up some latest action titles will reduce the battery life to ~one hour. That’s pretty standard for gaming laptops, they really need a wall outlet to work properly!

As expected, the keys are illuminated with a red light (which you can of course toggle on and off). You’ll find a 10-key pad on the right, an useful thing for some, although it also moves trackpad and the actual keyboard to left.

The laptop shell is made of aluminum and steel, which contributes to better looks but also attracts scratches and fingerprints.


Reading other peoples comments about Lenovo Y50 (59426255) I can see many has liked it. And I don’t wonder why, the laptop delivers exactly what demanding users are looking for: performance. The i7-4700HQ processor beats your average i3s and Pentiums by a mile, offering all the four cores and 3.4Hz turbo for your heavy applications and multitasking efforts.

Folks have also been playing on this notebook a lot – it should be a walk in the park for many titles, given the rather powerful GTX 860M graphics unit at your disposal. One disadvantage would be the screen, it was reported to have bad colors and angles. That’s largely because it’s a TN panel – not IPS – but I bet for general use the current display is perfectly fine. All in all, this Lenovo seems to offer decent value for gamers not wanting to spend the big buck.

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