Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS) Review

July 17, 2015
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Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS) is very basic laptop containing entry-level components like Celeron processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage. Such notebooks are often used by students or home users wanting to surf the web and perhaps watch some YouTube. Indeed, the computer doesn’t offer much performance for power users, but this kind of setup might be all one needs. Below are my comments about the various aspects of this laptop.


There’s not a lot of processing power, Intel Celeron N2840 processor makes sure of that. It’s a low end dual-core CPU of 2.16GHz and 2.6GHz burst frequency, but the most essential thing is that it gets only ~1000 points in Passmark tests. That kind of grade allows you to run very basic programs but if you’d go for demanding applications or multitasking the processor would choke. It also allows for some lightweight games, I’ll tell more about that bit later.

Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS) features 2GB 1333MHz DDR3L memory soldered on-board. Two gigabytes is hardly enough for Windows 8.1 (64-bit), but you’ll have to do with that, upgrading the RAM is not possible here. The storage drive is a 32GB embedded MMC, that is not replaceable either. After Windows installation files you are left with around 20 gigabytes of space.

Display and graphics

There’s a small 11.6-inch anti-glare display in Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS). Resolution is 1366×768, nothing fancier could be expected for this price. It’s not a touch display but will probably do its job fine. At least people who bought this product didn’t complain about the display.

Obviously there is no dedicated graphics here, just the Celeron-integrated HD Graphics (Bay Trail) unit. It can take all the browser-based games easily, also some Windows ones like Sims 4 or CS: Go would work. Demanding games like GTA 5 would be far too choppy, at least in my opinion.


Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS) offers one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 so feel free to plug in a couple of peripherals. There’s also a micro-HDMI out in case you want to use PC display or even HD television with this notebook.

There’s no optical drive in laptop this small. Getting an external DVD drive is a good workaround. The microSD slot can also be used for some devices like cameras.

The notebook has a 802.11b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 to get you connected to Internet. Ethernet port is not available, but that can be fixed with an USB dongle.

A basic webcam is installed in the unit, so Skype video chats are possible here as well.


The strongest side of Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS) is its portability. The laptop weighs little, just 2.75 pounds, and considering the 11.6″ display size and 0.74 inches thickness you shouldn’t have problems finding place for it in your bag. The provided 4-cell 23 WHr battery will last around 4 hours.

The keyboard is very basic, it has no backlight or numpad on the right.

Final thoughts

The biggest selling point of Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS) is its low price. It costs only pennies, undoubtedly making the laptop attractive to many. But don’t think you will get very fast notebook, the S21e is just a basic computer good for non-taxing use like web browsing and Microsoft Office. Heavier programs like image editors or Eclipse programming would be too much for it. Also, only games you can play here are browser based ones or simple types like Sims 4.

But none of these things mean the laptop is bad or poor quality – it just has slow performance which might be perfectly fine for a home user. And boy, the price is good. You won’t be finding Windows-laptop cheaper than this. If you’re intrigued by the fact, give this Lenovo a try!

One thought on “Lenovo S21e (80M4002DUS) Review

  1. Morgan

    The build quality is good and it has excellent speakers. Hinges are the strongest compared to similar offerings from Toshiba, HP, etc. One always has to worry about breaking it in two when you buy a value Laptop. It has the looks of an ultrabook. I would have preferred a 720p capable webcam instead of the .3 MP 640×480.

    If you already have one and are using it, remove any data you have on it and make a USB recovery drive for Windows 8.1. Also make a Windows 10 Home x64 bootable flash drive by using Microsoft’s free MediaCreationToolx64. Boot to the Windows 8.1 USB and recover the laptop selecting not to keep any files in order to get the most free space before you upgrade to Windows 10. As soon as you get into your clean Windows 8.1 check Control Panel-System to ensure it’s activated and then before any Windows updates can start coming in, run the setup.exe on your Windows 10 home flash drive. You can skip the product code if prompted and also select not to keep any files. After the upgrade, go to Settings-Update to ensure that Windows 10 is activated! Now boot up with the Windows 10 flash drive, skip the product code and use advanced options to delete partitions and get a fresh install of Windows 10 which only takes up 14 GB of space.


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