Lenovo ideapad 300 (80Q70021US) Laptop Review

July 15, 2016
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What do you think about Lenovos? They remind me of IBM, once-mighty laptop manufacturer whose notebooks were sturdy as hell, oh those ThinkPads. Now they don’t make laptops anymore because Lenovo acquired them, but the legacy lives on. Here is Lenovo ideapad 300 (80Q70021US), whether it’s worthy of praising or not I’ll tell you below…

Who is it good for?

Not too big a surprise, Lenovo ideapad 300 (80Q70021US) is a tool for everyday computing. It deals with all web browsing and paper writing activities at ease. Its processor Intel Core i5-6200U (two cores, 2.3Ghz clock speed, 2.8Ghz turbo, CPU Mark Score ~4000) is suitable for those tasks. Also remember the 8GB memory will help with the non-lagging system.

For somebody looking for a laptop that doubles as a data storage, the Lenovo is something to think about. You see, it features a one terabyte 5400RPM hard drive that takes a lot (and I mean that) data before it reaches the maximum. For example, the one terabyte equals around two hundred thousand JPEG images!

Who is it bad for?

If you dig gaming a lot, Lenovo ideapad 300 (80Q70021US) is a questionable choice. It comes with no real graphics card, just the integrated Intel HD 520. The main limitation is that you can’t expect new games to run smoothly, just the older ones. For example, the demanding GTA 5 won’t give more than 25-30FPs on low settings and resolution. Counter-Strike: Go however is a different beast, you can up the settings to high and expect +40 frames per second.

The spinning hard disk drive is somewhat a performance bottleneck in this system. A power user would probably want to replace it with a solid-state drive.

Other things you should know

There’s nothing fancy or wrong about the display on Lenovo ideapad 300 (80Q70021US), it’s a basic 15.6″ model with 1366×768 resolution. It doesn’t support touch. The webcam on top can be used for filming acceptable-quality videos or chat with your connections.

Connectors include one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, you’re going to use those to hook up various devices like a printer. HDMI-out and VGA ports are available if it’s an external monitor (including HDTV) you want to connect. Getting Internet access is possible with the RJ-45 port or the fast 802.11ac WiFi adapter which also works with Bluetooth 4.0.

The laptop includes a DVD burner and memory card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC).

Battery life is not exactly known; the manufacturer claims 4 hours which should be about right if surfing the web on a dimmed screen.

The keyboard is not backlit on this model.


As the ad copy says, Lenovo ideapad 300 (80Q70021US) has “blazing internet speeds”. That is very true, the 6th generation processor and ample memory are very efficient at keeping web browser, Netflix and music running & playing smoothly. The one thing this computer does not excel at is gaming because of integrated graphics, the bane of all affordable notebooks. So, if you’re just looking for a home (or perhaps small office) laptop, you can’t go wrong with this sturdy Lenovo!

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