Lenovo IdeaCentre H535 (57327395) Review

October 9, 2014
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Back in the days everybody knew the brand IBM. It was associated with robustness and quality. Then, in 2005, Lenovo from China acquired IBM. Did things change? It depends on who you ask. In my opinion, Lenovo computers have retained the great quality IBM once had. So let’s see if Lenovo IdeaCentre H535 (57327395) lives up to the high standards here.

The essentials

Lenovo IdeaCentre H535 (57327395) was released last July. It has AMD A4-6300 processor with 3.7GHz clock speed (turbo speed 3.9GHz) and two cores. These specs suggest it’s a powerful CPU although benchmarks show it doesn’t perform so well compared to top processors. Anyways, it’s not a bad choice for the heart of a budget desktop, slowing down in everyday use is unheard of.

Other specs are quite typical for cheap desktops. The system memory is 4GB, a good baseline amount, and more would be required only for special cases (image/video editing comes to mind as an example). Installing more RAM is possible, the system supports up to 16GB and there should be one memory slot free.

The hard drive has 1TB storage which would probably be enough for you. 1024GB is plenty of space and can host, for example, couple of hundred DVD-grade movies. The drive also spins at 7200RPM, as opposed to slower 5400RPM drives.

The operating system of Lenovo IdeaCentre H535 (57327395) is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. With this desktop, you don’t have to start using Windows 8 just yet.


The Radeon HD 8370D engine is responsible for the graphics of this Lenovo. Many might associate the word Radeon with great performance. Perhaps so back in the good old days, but the fancy title is there to hide the fact that it’s an integrated chip and performs accordingly. Poor benchmarks mean poor gaming performance. Modern games would have hard time running on this graphics engine with playable FPS. However, running some older titles (Minecraft etc.) should be very doable on this rig.


Lenovo IdeaCentre H535 (57327395) features four USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports in the back. In addition, two USB 2.0 ports are located in the front. Using dual monitors is possible because both VGA and HDMI ports are found in the back panel.

To get to Internet, you can use Gigabit Ethernet or WiFi. There’s no native Bluetooth support. That must be installed afterwards if you require it.

A 7-in-1 media card reader is featured and supports all the major media card formats.

What else to keep in mind?

The power supply is quite weak at 180W. It indeed works well for the current configuration, but upgrading components might make it choke. You might have to also chance the power supply if you’re installing, say, new graphics card inside.

Lenovo IdeaCentre H535 (57327395) has optical drive with which burning and reading CDs & DVDs is possible.

Input devices (USB optical mouse and keyboard) come with the system unit. A monitor, however, does not.

What’s the conclusion?

I don’t see Lenovo IdeaCentre H535 (57327395) standing out from the crowd in good or bad. Keeping the budget price in mind, it offers basic performance for most kind of uses save serious gaming. As a plus, I’d mention Windows 7 and great processor performance. As a small minus, I’d point out the weak power supply (which is non-essential if you don’t plan upgrading the hardware later). All in all, if you’re looking for solid home desktop and want to postpone the rather inevitable switch to Windows 8 you might as well get this Lenovo.

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