Lenovo IdeaCentre H530 57327876 Review

February 9, 2015
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The future might be about mobile computing but there’s still much a good old desktop can do for you. Lenovo IdeaCentre H530 57327876 is such a computer, offering some desirable features like Windows 7 and affordable price. The desktop has also received almost exclusively positive reviews in Internet, so there should be something good about it. Let’s find out what that something is.


To begin with, Lenovo IdeaCentre H530 57327876 comes with a processor called Intel Core i3-4150. There’s no turbo boost, but the base frequency is already hefty 3.5GHz. The number of cores is two. The i3 series are known as the middle of the road CPUs, good for most people’s use, including some multitasking and Netflix streaming. In the CPU Mark benchmark this model gets around 5000 points, whereas the the next step, faster Core i5 processors receive around 30% better rate. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to go for more expensive CPU unless you’re using very complex software every day.

Six gigabytes memory is installed in this computer. The configuration is 2GB and 4GB DDR3 1600 chips. Maximum supported RAM is 16GB, so you can indeed remove the old chip(s) and add bigger ones if you need a memory upgrade. But start with the default six, that’s a very healthy amount these days.

A 1024GB Western Digital hard drive is responsible for storing your files. It’s indeed large in storage size – theoretically, it could hold over 200,000 photos if we assume a JPEG size of 5 megabytes. The speed is also 7200RPM, slightly better than older 5400RPM drives.

The graphics unit Intel HD 4400 is integrated in the processor. It serves as a low-end gaming engine, allowing mostly older games – including Minecraft and LoL – run fluently on higher settings. Some heavier first person shooter games like Titanfall or Farcry 3 or the popular GTA IV should have 20-30 FPS on the lowest settings.


Lenovo IdeaCentre H530 57327876 has in total six USB ports. Two are in the front, both USB 2.0. Rest are in the back, comprising of two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. There are also HDMI and VGA outputs in the back panel, which means dual monitor setup is supported.

The usual Gigabit Ethernet adapter is good for wired networking, but there’s also a single-band 802.11bgn WiFi if you prefer wireless. Bluetooth, to my knowledge, is not supported.

A DVD burner is included, so working with CDs and DVDs is possible. The same goes for memory cards: there’s a reader for MS, MS Pro, SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC and MMC Plus formats.

Other noteworthy things

Basic USB keyboard and mouse are included with Lenovo IdeaCentre H530 57327876. However, the desktop being a rather cheap one, monitor is not. The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) so you’re good to go with a regular non-touch display.

Power supply is 180W and the desktop dimensions are 14.6″ x 6.9″ x 16.2″ (HxWxD). As such, you can add some expansions. There’s space for an additional 3.5″ hard drive. Also, one PCI-E x16 slot is free on the motherboard, so installing a dedicated graphics card is possibility. However, you should also remember limitations the power supply imposes. Thus, upgrading the PSU would be necessary as well.


Lenovo IdeaCentre H530 57327876 is, as somebody put it, a great general purpose computer. The performance is sufficient for casual users, students or offices, and gaming would work to a degree – assuming that you only play selected titles without much eye candy on. Connectivity is alright, with WiFi adapter giving you the freedom of wireless networking. Two simultaneous monitors are also supported thanks to both HDMI and VGA ports. Windows 7 is one of the desktop’s best sides, since using it makes much more sense than Windows 8 to many.

If I were to complain about something, it would perhaps be the processor-price ratio. Because for the same ~400 bucks you can get a computer with a faster Core i5 processor. But of course, the CPU might be faster but some other aspect – like the amount of memory – could be worse. So to conclude, this Lenovo is a well-rounded desktop and I don’t see any fundamental reason not to recommend it for everyday computing.

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