Lenovo Ideacentre (90ED0008US) Review

March 4, 2016
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A power user benefits from a desktop that is full of heavyweight components. That is self-evident, but is Lenovo Ideacentre (90ED0008US) such a computer? At a glance, yes. There is a new Core i5 processor inside and the price is rather high, so the desktop must be quite a powerful one, right? You can find my professional opinion below and also my thoughts on how this desktop would benefit you.

Is it a good choice for most programs?

One of the better things of Lenovo Ideacentre (90ED0008US) is the processor, and the processor pretty much dictates how fast the computer is, and what programs run on it. Intel Core i5-6400, the processor in this Lenovo, is a powerful quad-core unit that offers a high 2.7GHz clock speed and 3.3GHz turbo boost. Also bear in mind it’s of the 6th, the latest, generation. You can use this chip for casual things as well as more power-requiring stuff like programming and digital editing. If you’re interested, the CPU Mark score is around 6500.

The desktop uses DDR4 memory, and it has one 8GB stick installed. You should be good with that, as most programs won’t ever use all eight gigabytes. However, if you want more, you’re free to put in a maximum 32GB (four memory slots are available).

The storage drive section is excellent here. You’re getting one terabyte hard drive that can hold myriads of huge files. On the other hand, you’re also getting a 120GB solid-state drive which you can use for files you want to access quickly.

And gaming too?

Lenovo Ideacentre (90ED0008US) works alright for gaming. It has a dedicated graphics card called GeForce GTX 750 Ti with 2GB memory. It’s not exactly a high-end engine but will get you through a day of gaming I’d dare to say. To give you an example, you can use high settings and Full HD resolution no worries on games like GTA 5 and receive around 40 frames per second. Naturally, all the less-demanding games will have much higher frame rates. So all in all, this desktop can be used for gaming.

However, I understand if the GTX 750 Ti is not enough for you. You can of course upgrade it, but then you also need to upgrade the 250W power supply. The thing is, the PSU seems to have a 10-pin setup, so you probably need to upgrade the motherboard as well.

What peripherals can be connected?

Lenovo Ideacentre (90ED0008US) features in total six USB ports, enough if you ask me, but many desktops come with eight or even ten. Four of the ports are USB 3.0 while two are USB 2.0.

The graphics card offers you VGA, HDMI and DVI ports, so any kind of monitor can be connected. A two-display setup is also supported.

For audio, you’ll get line-in, line-out and microphone ports in the back panel. In front, there are the usual microphone and headphone connectors.

This desktop is well-connected to networks. It features a Gigabit RJ-45 port for cable and 802.11 AC-type WiFi card with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Optical drive is included, a DVD burner in the front panel. There is a media card reader too, it supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, MS, MS Pro, MMC and MMC Plus formats.

Other features & benefits

The Lenovo includes wired mouse and keyboard, those you don’t have to worry about. However, a monitor you must acquire separately.

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) is the operating system.

Summing it up

Lenovo Ideacentre (90ED0008US) is not the cheapest option, but if you’re really after a lot of “grunt” in the engine room you know you need to pay a tad more. Indeed, with this unit, any software-related task would be a breeze, be it word processing, Full HD video streaming or even image editing on Photoshop. Also the HDD + SSD combo is nice, you’ll get best of the both worlds: storage and performance. For gaming the desktop can also work thanks to the dedicated graphics card. Considering what you’re getting, the price isn’t that bad at all. Hence, I recommend this Lenovo for all the power users out there that also enjoy some gaming now and then!

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