Lenovo ideacentre 300-23ACL All-in-One Desktop Review

April 22, 2016
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Would you like an affordable All-in-One desktop of high performance and suitability for low-level gaming? Lenovo ideacentre 300-23ACL is such a system, boasting components like sixth generation Intel Core i5 processor and hybrid hard drive in the engine room. Display is a decent 23-inches unit. But what are the drawbacks of this system, and does it really benefit you or not…?

Overall performance

Lenovo ideacentre 300-23ACL is rather fast desktop, as you could expect for the price. Its main component, the processor, is Intel Core i5-6200U (yes, the 6th generation one). It’s a dual-cure unit with 2.3GHz clock speed and 2.8GHz turbo, and the CPU Mark score isn’t bad at all: 3900. Using this thing for both light and heavy software will be a smooth sail. You won’t also run out of memory, after all the system has 8GB of that installed (which can’t be upgraded as far as I know).

Storage drive is quite good, at least there’s a lot of space. It has a 2TB (yes, 2000GB) hard drive section with 7200RPM spindle speed. But being a hybrid hard drive, also 8GB SSD-like cache is there. This should be between pure hard drives and new solid-state drives in terms of performance.

About gaming

Graphics engine in Lenovo ideacentre 300-23ACL is called GeForce 920A. It’s quite a new chip, and rumors are it’s somewhat slower than the better-known GeForce 920M. Hence, performance is similar to older integrated chips like Intel HD 5500. In real life, this means you’re able to play several games but only on low settings and resolution. Expect around 20-25 frames per second on games like GTA 5. Simpler ones such as Minecraft and WoW will do better.

Connections and ports

Lenovo ideacentre 300-23ACL is equipped with decent amount of ports. You can hook up your peripherals to the five USB ports (three USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0). And as sometimes seen in All-in-Ones, also this system sports HDMI-in and HDMI-out. It means you can plug in an extra monitor (also HDTV), or then a device that is outputting HDMI signal (like set-top box or gaming console).

Internet access happens with either the RJ-45 port, it supports up to Gigabit speed, or the WiFi adapter, working with 802.11ac standard and Bluetooth 4.0

DVD burner is there, card reader for SD and MMC cards is also available.

Other things and benefits

Of course, the display. It’s a decent 23 inches one with Full HD (1920×1080) support. It’s also a touch sensitive one. Panel type is TFT, so nothing fancy, but a home or office user will like it, believe me. Front-facing webcam is installed on top of the display, allowing for Skype video chats.

Don’t forget wireless keyboard and mouse are included.

Operating system for this desktop is Windows 10 Home.


Lenovo ideacentre 300-23ACL indeed makes sense for All-in-One seekers who also appreciate power. There’s not much this Core i5 powered system couldn’t do for you software-wise, and the hybrid hard drive brings tad better performance than a mere old school hard drive. Gaming performance is so-so, older titles will work fine, newer ones not so great. Considering what you’re getting, I’d say this Lenovo is a pretty decent buy.

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