Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B7005BUS) Review

April 17, 2015
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A powerful desktop is all a professional needs. He wants to run demanding programs without annoying lag and have enough connections to plug in his peripherals. Lenovo H50 (90B7005BUS) is supposed to be such a power desktop with its Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM. Indeed, software requiring a lot from the system would work nicely on that kind of a computer. But does this Lenovo offer anything for a casual user? Moreover, is it worth its price? We’re going to find that out below.


Lenovo H50 (90B7005BUS) features Intel Core i7-4790, a 2014 quad-core processor model with 3.6GHz clock speed and whopping 4.0GHz turbo. These specs reveal a lot about the CPU, and benchmark tests seem to verify this fact: The i7-4790 receives over 10000 points in PassMark tests, placing it directly in the high-end processor category. To be honest, there are not many common CPUs that are faster than this model, so you’ll get one of the best processors currently available. There are no software that would slow down on the i7, as such it’s excellent pick especially for the most demanding users.

The desktop has two memory slots, and as far as I know both are taken by 4GB DDR3 modules. So the Lenovo has 8GB RAM in total. It’s noted on several vendor pages the maximum memory is 12GB – which I find bit odd, usually these slots support one eight gigabyte module each, totaling at 16GB. In any case, you can add more RAM, but I wouldn’t recommend it in the beginning. The current 8GB is more than enough for most.

A one terabyte hard drive is where you’ll be putting your files. That is, a lot of files, the 1024GB is same than ~200 DVDs. The drive operates at 7200RPM so you might get tad better user experience than you would on a 5400RPM hard drive. Of course, many people want a solid-state drive right away. After checking from several sources, I’ve come to conclusion there are no drive expansions available on Lenovo H50 (90B7005BUS). So if you wanted to put SSD in, you’d have to remove the DVD or hard drive first.

How’s gaming on it?

To be honest, gaming on Lenovo H50 (90B7005BUS) wouldn’t be ideal. Why? Processor is great, RAM is great, storage is great. But graphics engine isn’t. It’s the Intel HD 4600, and as somebody pointed out, it’s a shame they don’t put a dedicated graphics card to otherwise excellent desktop. So you are at the mercy of an integrated chip, which means you’ll get around 30FPS on games like Battlefield 4 and low details/resolution. Not ideal, but playable. Of course, older games (such as CS:GO) will work much better, so with those it will be a smooth sail.


Lenovo H50 (90B7005BUS) has six USB ports. Of them, two USB 2.0s are located in the front. The rest, two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 are in the back. The back panel has HDMI and VGA outputs too. You can connect displays to both ports, essentially giving you a dual monitor support.

The desktop has RJ-45 connector and 802.11b/g/n WiFi adapter for networking. There seems to be no Bluetooth, although you can plug in a cheap USB gadget to get that.

Optical drive is available on the front panel. Also SD card slot is there, allowing you to upload snapshots from cameras easily.

What else to keep in mind?

What comes to expandability, it looks like there are no free 3.5″ or 5.25″ slots for drives. However, on the motherboard there are three PCI-E x1 slots and one PCI-E x16 slot. The manual also mentions Mini PCI-E slot, but I suspect it’s already taken by the wireless adapter. Anyway, a dedicated graphics card can be installed to Lenovo H50 (90B7005BUS), giving you a nice boost for gaming. However, the PSU seems to be just 280W, so keep that in mind when choosing the graphics card and pay attention to its power requirements.

The computer comes with basic keyboard and mouse. Monitor is not included, so you must get that somewhere. The operating system is Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) so you don’t have any pressure to choose a touch screen (which might be good for Windows 8).

Lenovo desktops are known for their bloatware. They eat up system resources, that’s the problem with them. So you might want to uninstall the programs to free up CPU and RAM, which in turn mean smoother user experience.


Lenovo H50 (90B7005BUS) should be a good choice for everybody but hardcore gamers. See, its processor and memory are excellent, no software would be too much for them. But the integrated HD 4600 won’t be able to run heavy games with high settings – you must reduce the eye candy or switch to older games. But other than that, I don’t see many flaws. Overall performance is great, connections should be everything you need, with the PCI-E x16 slot allowing for a graphics upgrade. Windows 7 is still excellent operating system, just get rid of the bloatware and you’re good to go. The desktop is a recommended choice for folks who can’t stand slow Celeron and Pentium based systems.

2 thoughts on “Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B7005BUS) Review

  1. Steve

    Good comprehensive analysis. thank you!

    I’m running Adobe lightroom on this machine, making it slow. I’m going to install an SSD drive to make IO faster. Is there a way to go beyond 16 gig memory on this machine?


    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      I don’t think the system supports more than 16GB. But it is surely enough for anybody, even Adobe Lightroom. It won’t lag with 16GB RAM.


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