Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B70019US) Review

March 19, 2015
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Is it a solid desktop you’re after? Lenovo’s computers are amongst the most popular ones these days. Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B70019US), one of their newer releases, features a capable i3-4160 processor and 6GB RAM at a sweet 500 dollars price point. After a quick look, it indeed looks good value, but would closer examination reveal something else?


Intel Core i3-4160 is the processor of this desktop. It’s a 2014 dual-core model with clock speed of nice 3.6GHz. PassMark rates it as a high end CPU with ~5000 CPUMark points – in comparison, some faster Celeron models get closer to 3000 points. Solid performance can be expected from this i3, and it should suffice for demanding applications like Photoshop without the system lagging or slowing down.

There is 6GB DDR3 RAM installed in Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B70019US). The motherboard contains two memory slots in total, and from what I can see, both are already taken. The system supports up to 16GB memory, although not many people would benefit from having more than eight gigabytes anyway.

The hard drive in this model is 1024GB big, something you often see in modern desktops. A full terabyte could theoretically hold data equivalent to 200 DVDs so you’re not likely to run out of space. The RPM rate is also 7200RPM, tad faster than a regular 5400RPM one, so using the computer shouldn’t feel sluggish. Of course, techie will add a solid-state drive in to get excellent read and write rates and as a result, even smoother user experience.

Briefly on gaming

Thanks to the Core i3 processor, Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B70019US) has an integrated graphics card. It’s called Intel HD 4400 and it can run most games decently if you don’t mind low details and resolution. For example, the famous Battlefield 4 should give 30FPS on such settings. Titles that demand less, such as Steam-powered games or Minecraft, will have better frames even with eye candy on.


Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B70019US) has 6 USB ports. Two are located in the front, both USB 2.0. The rest are in the back – two of those being USB 3.0 which you’ll want to prefer. The back panel also houses VGA and HDMI outputs so dual monitors should work on this computer.

There’s a Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port if you want to use wire to get Internet access. In addition, 802.11b/g/n WiFi adapter is installed. Bluetooth is not available by default, but you can use a simple USB dongle for that.

DVD burner is included as well as a media card reader for MS, MS Pro, SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMC Plus. The latter can come handy if you want to upload photos from your digital camera but have no suitable USB cable.

Other things to remember?

Lenovo H50 Desktop (90B70019US) comes with USB keyboard and optical mouse, however monitor you have to get separately. So which one to get? The operating system is Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and you might’ve heard it needs a touch display. Well, there are opinions about this, but I really think Windows 8 can be perfectly used with a normal screen. That’s what I do every day with no problems.

You can add some extra cards to this Lenovo. It has three PCI-E x1, one Mini PCI-E and one PCI-E x16 slots available on the mainboard. As such, installing a dedicated graphics card is possible. However, note the unit dimensions (13.98″ x 6.30″ x 16.14″ HxWxD) and PSU of 180W if adding a power hungry gaming card.

Summing it up

Lenovo H50 (90B70019US) is a basic modern desktop, with nothing to really make it stand out from the crowd in bad or good. The Core i3 processor together with other components are enough for a home, office or student computer. The hard drive is large so in case you like to download a lot, consider this as an advantage. I can’t see anything horribly wrong about this desktop, so go for it if you want a decent computer.

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