Lenovo G70 (80HW009JUS) Review

March 31, 2015
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A mid-range notebook is the most popular laptop. They are good for all-around computing with a price that doesn’t break your bank. Lenovo G70 (80HW009JUS) is such a laptop, with decent Core i3 processor and big 17.3 inches display. Products from this company are usually excellent quality although blunders are possible even amongst the best of manufacturers. This review will tell you whether the Lenovo in question is winner or just a lemon.


It looks like Lenovo G70 (80HW009JUS) is a laptop for casual users. Its processor is called Intel Core i3-4030U, a dual-core CPU running on 1.9GHz clock speed. A processor with typical i3 performance, it’s clearly faster than Celerons of starter laptops, contributing to smoother user experience and effortless daily computing. You might also find the i3-4030U adequate for gaming, although only titles with low requirements will reach playable frames on this Lenovo.

This model has 4GB RAM installed. That’s the typical amount for notebooks these days. It works for the majority of uses minus the heaviest software. If you run very demanding programs, upping the memory is usually a good idea. The maximum RAM is 16GB with two memory slots on the mainboard in total. Chances are there’s one slot free so adding more should be easy.

Storage-wise, the notebook doesn’t differ from its competitors. The 500GB hard drive is usually planted in laptops of this price category, offering adequate storage for most computer users. For example, half a terabyte drive can host dozens of modern games or hundreds of movies easily. Indeed, the storage size isn’t usually the problem with hard drives, but the speed (5400RPM here) might annoy some. You can find a lot faster rates on solid-state drives which should also fit in this laptop, although not together with the installed hard drive.

Display and graphics

Many people probably pick or ditch Lenovo G70 (80HW009JUS) because of the screen. It is 17.3″ diagonal, bigger than a common 15.6″ screen. It works wonders for homes where you don’t need to move the notebook a lot. Conversely, if on-the-go computing is your thing, a smaller screen is definitely the way to go.

Resolution of the display is just 1600×900 which is no surprise for this price. I know a lot of techies want HD but in that case you have to look for pricier models. However, the panel type seems to be IPS – offering more accurate colors and wider viewing angles compared to TN panels which this kind of laptops usually have.

The Core i3 processor has a built-in graphics engine. The Intel HD 4400 chip can tackle older games like Minecraft no problem, although the limitations will be quickly met if it’s new and fancy games you desire. But the situation is not hopeless: You can run Battlefield 4 and other heavier types on decent frame rates (~25), but only with eye candy turned to minimum.


There are three USB ports in Lenovo G70 (80HW009JUS) for plugging in the peripherals. One of them is USB 3.0, not a lot, but that’s what you usually get for this price. You’ll also get VGA and HDMI outputs that can connect PC display or HDTV to the notebook.

This Lenovo has 802.11a/c WiFi. It’s rare for this price, usually found in expensive notebooks while these cheaper models sport a regular 802.11n wireless. The advantages include faster transfer rates, but only if your infrastructure (like router) support A/C as well. In addition, if you prefer cable, there’s a quick Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port. Bluetooth 4.0 seems to be enabled as well.

For your CD & DVD burning needs the laptop sports a DVD writer. Also media card reader for SD and MMC formats is featured. The built-in 0.3MP webcam should be fine for video chatting.

What other things to keep in mind?

Lenovo G70 (80HW009JUS) has Windows 8.1 64-bit and the display has no touch support. You might be doubtful about that setting but if you ask me, it makes no difference. I’m using the latest Windows with a regular screen, every day, and have had no problems whatsoever.

The keyboard on this model is not a backlit one. There’s a numeric keypad on the right, as you can see from the product photos.

6.3 pounds is the weight of this laptop. If you take a look at specifications of other 17.3″ notebooks you’ll see it’s about average. Of course, compared to subnotebooks the size is quite large, so portability is not excellent. Stated battery life is four hours, which for the 4-cell battery seems to be about right.

30-day trials for MS Office 2013 and anti-virus software are pre-loaded on the system.


The no-frills Lenovo G70 (80HW009JUS) laptop offers everything a home or small office user might need. The 17.3″ display works as a desktop replacement while the Core i3 processor handles web browsing, MS Office and other similar tasks without effort. Good things also include solid networking: an AC WiFi isn’t often found in this cheap notebooks. Price, features and performance seem to be in great balance – so if you’re looking for a next general use laptop you know which model we certainly recommend!

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