Lenovo G70 (80HW000WUS) Review

January 2, 2015
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Back in the day, IBM products were valued for their reliability and long lifespan. Then, 10 years ago Lenovo bought IBM and started making laptops under the new brand. So the question arose: Are the new “IBM” notebooks good anymore? That has been asked for a decade, and will also be asked in this review: We’re taking a look at the Lenovo G70 (80HW000WUS) laptop and see if it would be suitable option for you, just like its predecessors were praised as first class notebooks.


Intel Core i5-4210U, the processor of Lenovo G70 (80HW000WUS) is a rather powerful one. The dual-core CPU is clocked up to 2.7GHz when turbo speed is in use. In general, the i5 series processors are good for basic use and most complex software too, so you shouldn’t expect lag to happen as far as the processor is concerned. The Core i5 also integrates a graphics chip called Intel HD 4400 which can be used for low-level gaming.

Eight gigabytes of DDR3 memory is installed on this Lenovo. It’s an amount that makes a power user happy, but even more (up to 16GB) can be installed if you feel so.

A terabyte hard drive is a lot of space, allowing you to store all the photos and music pieces you’ll ever have. Not to sound too sales-y, I must say the drive (5400RPM) is nowhere as fast as a solid-state drive. If it’s speed you want, you must replace the drive for a SSD. But for pure storage, the default 1024GB hard drive is an ace.

Lenovo G70 (80HW000WUS) is a big notebook. It has a 17.3″ screen but only mediocre 1600×900 resolution. It’s good for casual movie watching and other activities that require larger display, but don’t expect professional quality mainly due to the lower resolution.

The operating system of this laptop is Windows 8.1 (64-bit).

Gaming in a nutshell

Intel HD Graphics 4400 is big brother of the regular Intel HD chips seen in lower end processors. The HD 4400 model can’t be dubbed as a true gaming card, but it can still flawlessly run older games like WoW, Minecraft and League of Legends. Many newer titles such as Battlefield 4 will also work on around 25 FPS when eye candy and resolution are turned down.


You could expect a mid-range laptop like Lenovo G70 (80HW000WUS) have couple of USB 3.0s. But as it is, there’s just one USB 3.0 while two others are slower USB 2.0. That’s not a huge deal, but you must choose wisely which peripheral to connect to the only USB 3.0 port.

VGA (RGB) and HDMI outputs are both available, so you have support for HDTVs as well as for older desktop monitors.

Network access can be attained with Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port or WiFi adapter that also supports Bluetooth 4.0.

The laptop features a DVD burner and media card reader for SD and MMC formats. Also a 720p webcam is installed for video chatting.

What other things to keep in mind?

Lenovo G70 (80HW000WUS) weighs 6.4 pounds, more than a comfortable weight of a portable laptop. Of course, considering the screen size the weight is average. The 4-cell 2800 mAh battery should have around 4 hours operating time per charge.

10-key pad is located on right hand side of the non-backlit keyboard, providing a quick number key access.

In conclusion

Lenovo G70 (80HW000WUS) is a tool for somebody who is looking for a big screen notebook without the need for great portability. This Lenovo works best as a desktop replacement due to the size, and you can certainly connect it to an external monitor thanks to both VGA and HDMI outs. The performance is above your average Celeron or Pentium based rigs, and the system should have no problem running most applications and older/lightweight games on low settings. The current price (if there’s no discount) isn’t that good though, and if you’re looking for a laptop with a better CPU but smaller hard drive consider this. The reviewed Lenovo doesn’t have a great price/performance ratio, but it’s not a bad buy either.

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  1. Dan Dankert

    Do you think this computer would be able to run League of Legends and run a streaming app like overwolf’s twitch streaming app?


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