Lenovo G50 (80L000ALUS) Review

September 16, 2015
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It’s a basic laptop that often makes home user happy. Such a person just needs to check his email and browse a web and perhaps YouTube on his computer, nothing fancier. For this kind of use, a simple system is the way to go. At a glance, Lenovo G50 (80L000ALUS) looks like that: the price is low and there are budget components serving the needs of a casual user. But is there some catch in a cheap notebook such as this? Do we recommend it at all? Good questions which we’ll answer below…


So you plan to use your computer without too heavy applications and programs? For that Lenovo G50 (80L000ALUS) works just perfect. The processor is Core i3-4030U, a 4th Generation Intel chip offering you two cores and fixed 1.9GHz clock speed. If you’re interested about benchmarks, the CPU Mark grade this processor gets is 2700. That alone doesn’t tell much, but compared to beefier 5th Generation i5s with ~3500 points you’ll get the idea. There is a difference however not huge, and I would recommend home/office users pick the cheaper one, Core i3 system that is.

The notebook includes 4GB 1600MHz DDR3L RAM. The number of memory slots is two, so another one is free and lets you perform a pain-free upgrade. Going from 4GB to 8GB definitely speeds up the computer, but the performance boost would only be visible with more demanding software or games. And if you’re not into that stuff, upgrading doesn’t make sense. At any rate, the maximum memory this unit supports is 16GB.

Typical for a cheap laptop, storage is synonymous to a hard drive. There’s a 1024GB SATA 3 (5400RPM) HDD in this Lenovo. I know many upgrade their drives to SSDs these days – I can certainly see the logic, such an upgrade tends to be the best way to better the system performance. Such HDD to SSD swap would be possible here, too. But if you don’t mind such a slower hard drive, you don’t have to do anything, and at least you’ll get a lot of storage for your data.

Display and graphics

No matter how the vendors try to put it, these inexpensive notebooks don’t have a fancy display. In Lenovo G50 (80L000ALUS), it’s a 15.6″ non-touch screen you’ll be looking at. Maximum resolution is 1366×678, that you’ll have to live with. It’s probably as good as any budget display, satisfying to use but not of mind-blowing quality.

In this computer, the processor’s side job is to deal with graphics. There’s a small chip called Intel HD 4400 responsible for that. It’s getting outdated already in late 2015, at least if you’re a gamer of some sort. True, you can play most titles with average frame rates, but many game will require a lot less eye candy than you might be used to. For example, GTA 5 will get 20-25FPS on low settings and 1366×768. On the other hand, you can play League of Legends with high settings and AA on, and get +50 frames per second.


Budget laptops pretty much have the same ports and connections, no matter the brand. Lenovo G50 (80L000ALUS) sports three USB ports, one supports USB 3.0. For video, the unit offers VGA and HDMI outputs. WiFi card is one of the better sorts, it supports the AC standard and Bluetooth. Also RJ-45 port (100Mbps) is available.

To transfer data locally, you can use the Lenovo’s built-in DVD burner. Another option would be the SD/MMC card reader.

There’s also a webcam for some video recording or chatting with your friends.

Miscellaneous things

One of the reasons why people might choose a notebook is the portability. Lenovo G50 (80L000ALUS) weighs only 4.6 pounds, less compared to an average weight of 15.6″ model which would be 5 pounds. In addition, people said the 4-cell battery lasts long, around 5 hours. It doesn’t seem to be the easily removable type, so you’ll have to remove some screws to replace the battery.

Not a surprise, the keyboard isn’t backlit. A standard numpad is available on the right hand side. Operating system is Windows 8.1 but Windows 10 can be downloaded and installed for free for some time.

Summing it up

Just like every laptop – including the cheap ones – Lenovo G50 (80L000ALUS) too is a great unit for most people, because the most common uses for a computer include lightweight stuff such as web surfing, perhaps MS Office work and simple games such as LoL and Minecraft. There’s nothing that makes the Lenovo stand out from the crowd, so I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse than its low-priced competitors. If you value the Lenovo brand and don’t want to pay a lot for your laptop, going for this particular one will probably be a good idea.

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