Lenovo G50 (80G0000VUS) Review

January 12, 2015
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Lenovo G50 (80G0000VUS) is a laptop that’s gained some popularity after it was released in the Summer of 2014. It’s a Pentium-based notebook that looks suitable for basic computing at least, but there are probably some things that make it stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so popular, would it? Well, let’s try to find the secret sauce below!

The performance

The CPU of Lenovo G50 (80G0000VUS) is Intel Pentium N3530, a dual-core processor with 2.16GHz clock speed. I’ve seen it countless times on other notebooks, and while it doesn’t enjoy the performance Intel Core series offer, it’s very viable choice for a basic laptop. All daily activities, including entertainment like Netflix, work fine on a Pentium-based rig. Also some gaming and advanced applications can be used on it, although to a lesser degree.

The laptop has 4 gigabytes RAM installed by default on one DIMM. There are two memory slots in total, so adding more memory is definitely possible. It seems the maximum RAM for this model is 16GB, but basically everyone should be good with 4-8GB.

The storage option is a regular, mechanical hard drive with 500GB size and 5400RPM speed. It’s good for storing files, but understandably some people are not content with this: a solid-state drive is preferred option for those who don’t care so much about the raw storage size as they care about the speed. Remember that you can still do the swap from HDD to SSD afterwards.

The non-touch 15.6″ display features 1366×768 resolution. Some people complained about reduced viewing angles, but expecting a high-end screen for this price would be naive. This display goes well for everyday computing where average resolution and feature set is not a huge matter.

Briefly on gaming

Of course, Lenovo G50 (80G0000VUS) can be used for games. It’s just a matter of which games. The Intel Pentium N3530 processor contains a graphics engine known as Intel HD (Bay Trail). Now, it can’t be described as a fast graphics card. In average, most 2013-2014 action titles suffer from low frame rates: for example, Battlefield 3/4 would drop below 20. The situation is better with older and lighter titles, and lower tier games like Minecraft and League of Legends should run with decent FPS.


The connectivity of Lenovo G50 (80G0000VUS) is suitable for home and small office users well. It has three USB ports, of which one is USB 3.0 as expected. Using external monitor is possible on the laptop thanks to its HDMI and VGA outs.

Networking consists of a 10/100Mbps Ethernet adapter and a 802.11b/g/n WiFi that also supports Bluetooth 4.0.

A DVD burner is available on the laptop, a feature many indeed desire – even though much of software has moved from physical media to Internet downloads. For additional storage or data transfer, the notebook also comes with a SD/MMC media card reader.

There’s a webcam installed on the Dell, although only a VGA one, which is sufficient for occasional video chatting.

Some other things you should remember?

One of the advantages in Lenovo G50 (80G0000VUS) is the weight. At only 4.6 pounds, it’s clearly lighter than most of its 15.6″ competitors. For battery life, 5 hours is the advertised duration, but I’d expect the usual 3-4 hours from a 4-cell battery. If you want, you can still replace the battery for a stronger one.

Some people want a 10-key numeric pad on their laptops. This Dell has one – like virtually every 15 incher. The keyboard is a non-backlit one, a feature that’s missing from most budget notebooks.

This computer has its share of Lenovo’s bloatware. That said, uninstalling it is rather easy. As such, I don’t really regard the unnecessary software as a real disadvantage but a minor annoyance.

Summing it up

Some people say tech ages fast, but a basic laptop like this Lenovo holds it value and usefulness rather long. And I could see why many shoppers have picked it: affordable price, enough performance for daily tasks and a low weight to name the most important ones. If that’s what you seek, chances are you can’t go wrong with this Lenovo. I can vouch for it, thanks to acceptable price/performance ratio and generally positive reviews it has received across Internet.

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