Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS) Review

August 31, 2015
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Manufacturers are always looking for reasons to put new laptops on the market. Microsoft has recently given one: Windows 10. Also Lenovo has seized this opportunity by releasing a host of new notebooks, pre-loaded with the Microsoft’s latest OS. One such a model is Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS), a Core i7 powered laptop with 15-inch display and terabyte hard drive. In this review, I’m going to concentrate on its features, and essentially, whether this model would be a good choice for you or not.

Overall performance

Like most modern notebooks, also Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS) relies on low voltage processor technology. Such a CPU brings acceptable performance but more importantly low energy consumption and heat buildup. The processor in question, Intel Core i7-5500U, indeed offers a nice 2.4GHz clock speed (with 3.0GHz turbo) on its two cores. This translates to ~4000 CPU Mark points which clearly beats the little brother i5-5200U that reaches around 3500 points in the same test. However, the difference is not big, and not many home users would ever notice better performance switching from i5 to i7. Nonetheless, if you want that extra juice, i7 should be your choice.

The laptop has 8GB memory which is more than most people would need in 2015 (or 2016, to that matter). There was no information available whether it came on one 8GB or two 4GB sticks. However, the most memory this laptop takes is 16GB, which is essential only for a handful of professionals. If you’re not sure if you need so much, you probably don’t, so 8GB is the way to go.

The hard drive here is big, offering a full terabyte to save your files on. Spindle speed being 5400RPM the performance can’t be praised a lot. If you’re worried about that, the only way to fix this would be to replace the current drive with a solid-state drive. It takes a little bit work but shouldn’t be an overwhelming task at all.

Is it good for gaming?

Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS) works for gaming like any other notebook with am integrated graphics card. In another words, not so good. The Intel HD 5500 card can surely take most games you throw at it, but not every title would work with high settings. Here are some examples:

– The Witcher 3, 720p and low settings: ~10 FPS
– GTA 5, 720p and medium settings: ~25 FPS
– League of Legends, 720p and medium settings: +40FPS

Comments about the display

There’s a 15.6″ screen in Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS), it has no support for touch and resolution is 1366×768. Very basic yes, but not many home users would need anything fancier. And as the operating system is touchpad-friendly Windows 10, a touchscreen is not necessary anyway.


Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS) includes three USB ports. One of them is USB 3.0, marked with a blue connector. The others are USB 2.0. On the left, there are also HDMI and VGA outputs, plug in a monitor (or HDTV) to them and use the laptop with an external screen.

Optical drive is located on the right, it’s good for CD/DVD reading and burning. Card reader for SD and MMC formats is also installed, useful if you have memory cards around.

There’s AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 card ready to connect to your router or modem. 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port seems to be available, too.

The notebook also features a 720p webcam, open up Skype and say hello to your friends if you wish.

Any other important things?

Unfortunately, there’s not much information available about the battery life of Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS). The manufacturer promises up to 4 hours, that might be true if screen brightness is low and you’re surfing the web.

The laptop weighs 4.63 pounds which is a bit less than an average 15.6″ model of 5 pounds.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home.

Keyboard is not backlit on this unit. Numeric keypad is installed on the right hand side.


Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS) is a laptop for power users, I’d say. It has components geared towards heavier use, think of types like multimedia editing or programming. The 1000GB hard drive can also take a lot of data, so someone with huge files won’t run out of space as fast as he would on a regular 500GB drive. To further speed up the computer, you could also replace the HDD with a solid-state drive. One negative thing would be 1366×768 resolution, it’s not uncommon to see a Full HD screen in this pricey notebooks. That’s the biggest culprit, and to be honest it depends from person to person if the resolution really matters. If you’re good to go with 720p, I’d recommend this notebook because of its brilliant components and trusted brand of Lenovo.

One thought on “Lenovo G50-80 (80E502SXUS) Review

  1. Sam Shearman

    Computer is fast and display is clear but glossy. The only thing I don’t like about the laptop is it’s keyboard, which doesn’t give you any feedback and leaves you missing keys all of the time.


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