Lenovo Flex 4 (80VD000FUS) 2-in-1 Laptop Review

December 20, 2016
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2-in-1 laptop as a concept is getting old, but that doesn’t mean they are useless. Quite on the contrary: they could be an excellent choice if you fancy laptop and tablet, but don’t want to buy them separately. So here is Lenovo Flex 4 (80VD000FUS), such a convertible model. I’ll let you know in this review if it’s really a worthwhile pick…

General performance

The good thing about components here is definitely the solid-state drive. It’s a 256GB SSD (2.5″ SATA) and definitely offers all the performance you could expect from storage drive. The actual storage space isn’t shabby either, you’ll be left around 220 gigabytes free space. I’ve seen comments about people upgrading the drive, if you’re skillful you can do that!

If you want a powerful processor you shouldn’t skip Lenovo Flex 4 (80VD000FUS). It’s a new, 7th generation Intel Core i5-7200U that you will find under the hood. Granted, it’s only a dual-core model, but clock speed starts from 2.5 gigahertz and goes to 3.1Ghz with turbo. But yes, it’s one of the better processors – especially for convertible models – as CPU Mark gives it around 4700 points.

The laptop’s memory is already at maximum, 16 gigabytes DDR4 RAM. I can’t realistically think of uses where you would actually need more. So all good in the memory department.

Is it a player’s choice too?

I’m afraid I have to bring not so good news to gamers. You see, Lenovo Flex 4 (80VD000FUS) sports only an integrated graphics, the Intel HD 620 chip. It’s decent in case you fancy old games, including Sims 4 or World of Warcraft – those kind of titles won’t lag. But if you try GTA 5 or the like, be prepared to lower the settings drastically. On minimum presets and 720p resolution such more demanding games will get 20-30 frames per second.

What connections does the laptop offer?

You see, the usual set-up of ports is available on Lenovo Flex 4 (80VD000FUS). The USB ports are three, two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 to be precise. Now, also HDMI-output is present for monitors (PC displays and HDTV, in practice).

Reaching wireless networks should be rather effortless, after all the notebook boasts a nice A/C-supporting WiFi adapter. It also supports Bluetooth for your convenience.

One thing you should remember: optical drive is non-existent. You’d better plug in an external DVD burner if you want to use discs.

The laptop features a memory card reader, there are two good uses for it: data transfer or impromptu storage increase.

What other interesting things?

Lenovo Flex 4 (80VD000FUS) has a 3-cell 52.5whr unit as its battery, and it will give you a strong 7 hours operating time. Just know it’s not a removable one, so if you want to upgrade it, the maneuver will take some time and effort.

A 14-inches display is quite a big screen for tablet (it folds back into one), but don’t forget this computer is equally a laptop. It has 1080p resolution which, in my opinion, is great if you want to watch movie or two on your laptop. If you want to go into technical details, I’ll let you know it’s IPS panel which means ~180 degree viewing angles.

The notebook contains a webcam, it’s on the top bezel and a front-facing one.

This model should have a backlit keyboard.


Now, you will probably like Lenovo Flex 4 (80VD000FUS) if convertible laptop with heavyweight performance is your cup of tea. The processor, RAM and storage drive are all very good in this laptop – the same goes for the Full HD screen which is pleasant to look at. That said, the common problem you will experience here is non-ideal gaming performance. But no 2-in-1 laptop is good for players. So, go for it if notebook and tablet together is what you fancy!

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