Lenovo Flex 3 Touchscreen Laptop (80R40008US) Review

December 2, 2015
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Lenovo Flex 3, especially the 80R40008US version, has been selling quite well lately. It’s not unusual for a new item to find its audience fast, but there must be some reasons for the popularity for sure. Perhaps it’s the low price? Great performance? Reliable brand? We’ll find that out!

General performance

One thing users like in this Lenovo Flex 3 (80R40008US) is the pure performance. It doesn’t rely on any low-end processor like Celeron or Pentium, instead the laptop boasts the latest 6th generation Core i5-6200U with a dual-core configuration, 2.3GHz clock speed and 2.8GHz turbo. These specifications give hint what you can expect, and a CPU Mark score of ~3900 finally shows this processor can be called a heavyweight one (for a laptop). Be it a basic program or a demanding one you want to run, this Core i5 processor will take care of that.

How’s the case with other main system components? Well, there’s 8GB memory which is plenty, making sure that multitasking efforts will be a smooth sail. It should also be possible to upgrade the RAM as these 15.6″ models often (or always) come with two memory slots, which means the maximum RAM would be 16GB.

The one terabyte, platter-based 5400RPM hard drive won’t earn this notebook any extra points. If you’re a tech savvy you can do yourself a favor and replace it with an SSD. It’s certainly possible here, just make sure you’re getting a 2.5″ SATA solid-state drive.

Is it good for gaming?

You must understand it’s only integrated graphics engine inside the Lenovo Flex 3 (80R40008US), no dedicated card is installed and you can’t install one yourself. So you’ll have to do with the Intel HD Graphics 520. Luckily it will run most games but not on high settings – for example, GTA 5 will give you ~20FPS using low settings and resolution. It is not ideal but playable for sure.

Ports and connections

There are four USB ports at your disposal. Two are USB 3.0 and two are USB 2.0. The only video output is HDMI but that should suffice as any modern monitor supports that. Slot for SD/MMC cards is also available, you can get more local storage or just use that to transfer files.

Networking-wise, you’ll get a 100Mbps RJ-45 connector and A/C type WiFi card. Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled too.

Bear in mind the laptop has no optical drive because it’s supposed to be a 2-in-1 convertible model. But you can get an external DVD burner that connects to USB and use that.

A built-in, front facing webcam is available.

Other important things to keep in mind

Lenovo Flex 3 (80R40008US) has a neat display, the 15.6″ screen supports Full HD resolution – however remember that with most games, you can’t use 1080p as the graphics engine is too slow. The display has that famous 360 degree hinge which lets you use the notebook as a tablet as well.

The unit weighs 4.6 pounds, about half a pound less than 15″ laptops often do. The 45Whr battery won’t last as long as ultrabook batteries do, but you’ll still get around 5 hours before a recharge is needed.

The keyboard has backlight feature. Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


Performance-wise, there’s nothing Lenovo Flex 3 (80R40008US) couldn’t do as it features a new Core i5 processor, although the bottleneck with boot-up times could be the hard drive. If you want to resolve that, add in a solid-state drive. Gaming won’t be fantastic but doable with the integrated graphics. The screen is beautiful Full HD one, working in multiple modes. As a conclusion, I don’t see many reasons to stay away from this Lenovo if you’re a power user that also wants the tablet functionality.

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