Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS) Review

September 25, 2015
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2-in-1 laptops are an old thing, but how about a powerful convertible laptop? Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS) happens to be such a notebook, offering 360 degrees flipping screen but also decent components like Broadwell-based Core i5 processor and 8GB system memory. For a power user this kind of setup might be attractive, but let’s take a closer look at this system before drawing our final conclusions…


It’s not often you see a convertible laptop as powerful as Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS). It’s not equipped with a budget Celeron or Pentium, instead there’s Intel Core i5-5200U running the show. It clocks at moderate 2.2GHz and there’s a turbo boost taking the clock frequency to 2.7GHz. It’s a proper CPU for heavier use, for example if you’re a techie / IT professional and have programs requiring more from the system than a mere web browser.

The notebook sports 8GB DDR3L memory. You can’t add more, but for somebody working with even those demanding applications eight gigabytes is plenty. The 5400RPM hard drive offers a very large 1TB space, but in exchange you’ll receive weaker system performance. You can fix that by removing the hard drive and replacing it with a modern, fast solid-state drive.


Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS) is quite a pricey laptop so you can expect some quality from the 15.6″ display, right? Well, it’s a Full HD anti-glare screen which benefits you in many ways: for example, 1080p content needs no downscaling (although on this small display, the downscaled version would look pretty much the same). Another, more concrete thing, is the added screen estate: you can easily have, say, two browser windows open side by side.

Also, don’t forget it’s a touch display with 360 degree hinge. As a result, you’ll be able to use this system in tablet and laptop modes! If you’ve been dreaming about buying those two devices, now you have a chance to get them in one compact notebook. This Lenovo will, of course, be bigger and weight more than a standard tablet, but can you use such a tablet as a laptop? No, you can’t :)


Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS) wouldn’t be the best friend for a gamer. It lacks the graphics performance players are often looking for, and that’s because the graphics engine is a slow, integrated Intel HD 5500. You’ll be able to play many games but only using moderate settings and resolutions. For example, you’ll get ~25FPS with Battlefield 4 if you have medium graphics settings and 720p resolution. GTA 5 will be in the similar, perhaps bit lower 20FPS range using the same settings. Minecraft should generally have over 30 frames per second, even if you used Full HD resolution.

Connections and ports

There seems to be three USB ports available on Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS). Two of those are USB 3.0. HDMI-out connector is there as well, you can hook up your TV if you want.

Internal DVD burner is missing but for many it doesn’t matter anymore. If it matters, feel free to get an external DVD drive that connects to USB port on the laptop. Another possibly useful thing is the built-in SD/MMC card reader.

Internet is accessible using the WiFi adapter (supports A/C standard). You can also plug in wire to the RJ-45 port if you prefer that.

There’s a webcam available, although it seems to support only 0.3MP resolution.


Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS) weighs 4.6 pounds, it’s tad less than 15.6″ laptops often are, which is 5 pounds. There’s no information available about the battery specifications – in ad copy it’s promised to last for 4 hours which you should more or less reach also in real life.

As far as I know, the keyboard doesn’t light up. A standard numpad is available on the right hand side.


There are a myriad of cheaper laptops available, but none of them can really match the performance Lenovo Flex 3 (80JM002BUS) offers. The essential trio of Core i5 processor, 8GB local memory and 1024GB hard drive is something a power user would certainly appreciate. Knowing Lenovo’s reputation, the build quality should also be miles ahead of the budget models. The display features Full HD resolution; however you won’t be able to use it with many games thanks to the slow integrated graphics solution. If you don’t care about playing games on this Lenovo, I think there’s nothing stopping you from getting it.

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