Lenovo C50 (F0B100G1US) All-in-One Desktop Review

November 19, 2015
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Do you want to get one computer package that includes everything you need to get started? All-in-One desktop, like Lenovo C50 (F0B100G1US), is exactly that. And in addition, there are quite powerful components helping you, such as Core i5 processor and 8GB of system memory. Hard drive is enormous 2 terabytes. But is there anything bad about this Lenovo? For sure, and you’ll find my thoughts about that below.

General performance

It’s the Intel Core i5-5200U processor (2 cores, 2.2GHz base speed, 2.7GHz turbo) that is running this AiO system. It’s already a year old but still quite capable compared to processors of this day: for example, the Core i5-5200U gets over 3500 points in CPU Mark test, while the newer 6th generation Core i5-6200U gets around 3900. That is an increase for sure, but I bet you wouldn’t see the difference in real world use. The i5-5200U is still a solid processor for years to come, most (if not all) programs you try to run will be no problem for it.

The installed 8GB RAM is also helpful with keeping your applications and programs running lag-free. You can’t add more, there’s just one DIMM slot on board and it’s indeed taken. Storage drive is huge, a 2TB monster with 7200RPM spindle speed. It is extremely useful if you plan to use this computer as data storage, although many people don’t, in which case a solid-state drive would be preferred. Surely you can swap this hard drive for SSD, but it requires some skills and money for sure.

Is the desktop good for gaming?

To be honest, the worst thing about Lenovo C50 (F0B100G1US) is gaming performance. It lacks a dedicated graphics card, relying on the feeble Intel HD 5500 integrated into processor. Well, all hope is not lost, you can play many games here, but you won’t be getting fantastic FPS and eye candy. To give you an example, you can expect ~20 frames per second with GTA 5 if you keep medium settings and 720p. Counter-Strike: Go would reach better FPS even if settings were high.

What ports and connections are included?

USBs, probably the most important ports, are five in this Lenovo. Two are USB 3.0 while three are USB 2.0. For a video connection there’s HDMI and it seems to be an output, hence you can connect another monitor and use the desktop through that.

DVD burner is also included so you don’t need to buy that separately. Media card reader is likewise there, it works with SD(HC/XC), MMC, MS and MS-Pro types.

Internet can be accessed by using the integrated WiFi (802.11AC) & Bluetooth 4.0 card. A good thing for people preferring cable, also Gigabit RJ-45 jack is available.

Just like notebooks, this Lenovo comes with a 720p webcam installed in the screen bezel.

Miscellaneous things

The display here is 23 inches big, offering Full HD (1920×1080) resolution. It is a touch sensitive screen, yet Windows 10 Home 64-bit (pre-loaded on the hard drive) is fully functional with keyboard and mouse. And speaking about those, they are included, both wireless.

Keep in mind there’s no battery in this unit, you need it plugged in at all times. The power supply is rated at 90W.


Lenovo C50 (F0B100G1US) is one of the faster All-in-Ones available – usually these things are quite slow, but the Lenovo is certainly not. It will quickly respond to your commands and run everyday programs, such as Google Chrome, YouTube and Microsoft Office family without hiccups. Just don’t try to play new games on it and you’ll be happy. Thus, it’s a good choice for a home or office user looking for an effortless option: you don’t need to buy monitor or input devices separately, are all included with this one!

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