Lenovo C460 (57330368) Review

November 7, 2014
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If you’re after a desktop computer, getting All-in-One might be right choice for you. They are very convenient, since monitor and system unit are combined into one, relieving you from the task of buying screen separately. The price also tends to be affordable, often being just a bit higher than that of a mere system unit. One such All-in-One candidate is Lenovo C460 (57330368), which we’re examining in this review for your benefit!

The main things

The desktop itself might be new, but its processor is not. The Intel Pentium G6960 CPU was released in the beginning of 2011, which mean it’s aged. It has 2.9GHz clock speed and two cores, and offers rudimentary performance for everyday users. I wouldn’t count on it for heavy gaming or continuous demanding work, but for the basic stuff All-in-One computers are intended for it makes some sense to have an old-timer as the processor.

The system memory on Lenovo C460 (57330368) is 4 gigabytes. If you need more, doubling it to 8GB is possible. There should be one free DIMM slot for a convenient RAM upgrade.

The storage space is solid 1024GB. The hard drive speed is 7200RPM which gives you an upper hand compared to 5400RPM drives. The speed is however nothing compared to solid-state drives, although storage space itself is plenty which can’t be said about SSDs. The terabyte space will suffice for most, and can house hundreds of high quality movies or tens of thousands smaller files, like mp3s or images.

Operating system is Windows 8.1 (64-bit).

Screen and graphics

The screen of this Lenovo is 21.5″ big with 1920×1080 Full HD resolution. It is however not a touch display, so you can’t use some of the Windows 8’s features. Bear in mind, however, these features are not a must and that OS can be very well used without a touchscreen – at least that’s what I’m doing.

The graphics are handled by an older Intel HD graphics chip on the Nehalem architecture. Those chips were replaced by Sandy Bridge back in the beginning of 2011. Alas, this Intel HD Nehalem is very old graphics engine and performs accordingly. There seems to be no benchmarks available (because it’s so aged), but I wouldn’t assume any 2013-2014 game with heavy graphics to run on it. Older titles, and those easy on graphics, like World of Warcraft might have satisfactory FPS if you drop the settings and resolution to the minimum.


Lenovo C460 (57330368) sports acceptable amount of USB ports: two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0.

Sometimes these All-in-Ones have HDMI-in, but this Lenovo has the opposite. There’s HDMI output, which means you can plug this computer to an external monitor, such as HDTV, and use the desktop through that.

Networking options are good, both Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi are installed. Bluetooth 4.0 should also be supported, so transferring data from mobile phones and other gadgets is possible.

An optical drive that reads and writes to CDs and DVDs is installed on the monitor’s right side.

Media card reader supporting SD, SDHC, SDXC, MS, MS Pro and MMC is also available.

Any other things to consider?

Top of the monitor sports a 720p webcam, so having video calls in HD is possible.

Lenovo C460 (57330368) comes with some pre-installed software which some call bloatware. They can of course be uninstalled easily, although at least the 30-day trial for McAfee Internet Security 2013 should be kept.

Summing it up

All-in-Ones work for those who value convenience and affordable price over high-end components. The benefits of these computers come indeed at the expense of performance: this Lenovo has adequate power for home & office users and students, but in no way it would be good choice for professionals or gamers. However, if you accept that, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this budget Lenovo. It has Full HD display, wide array of connections for peripherals and good networking options to keep you online. For somebody without high performance demands, such All-in-One can be a better choice over conventional desktops!

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