Lenovo C40 (F0B50052US version) Review

November 18, 2015
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At least one thing is cool about Lenovo C40 (F0B50052US): the system unit is built into a monitor and keyboard & mouse are included as well. In another words, it’s All-in-One desktop, just plug it in and you’re good to go. Easy, yes, but is this Lenovo a powerful computer to begin with? Hard to say before taking a closer look…

General performance

Let’s start with the weakest point in the engine room. That would be the mechanical hard drive. I say it’s weak because of inferior transfer rates (7200RPM) to solid state-drives, in that a computer with SSD will feel much faster to use. But of course, this hard drive has a bright side: it’s huge, offering you a full terabyte storage. It’s probable you will never need more space, and you are always welcome to remove the drive and install an SSD in place.

Other components feature AMD A6-7310 processor (4 cores, 2.0GHz clock speed, 2.4GHz turbo). You’re likely to find that adequate for daily computing – it receives around 2600 points in CPU Mark, similar to Intel Core i3 processors from the 4th generation. System memory is sufficient 8GB, that can be upgraded all the way to 16GB as there are 2 DIMM slots on the motherboard. Whether the current distribution is one 8GB or two 4GB sticks I can’t sadly comment about.

Is it good for gamers?

I would not wholeheartedly recommend Lenovo C40 (F0B50052US) for gaming because it lacks the essential thing for high frame rates: a dedicated graphics card. Instead of that, there’s just AMD Radeon R4 chip integrated to the processor. The Radeon is similar to Intel HD 4000 in terms of performance so playing very new and/or demanding games won’t happen, at least when a lot of eye candy is on. As an example, you’re likely to receive around 20FPS on GTA 5 played with minimum settings. On the other hand, Minecraft with similar details would get more than 40FPS.

What devices can be connected?

It’s all the usual peripherals the Lenovo accepts, although compared to regular desktops this All-in-One doesn’t have so many ports. There are in total five USB connectors available, two of them are USB 3.0, so for example printer can be hooked up. There is also one video port, it seems to be HDMI-out, so you can connect external monitor and use the desktop through that.

The Lenovo has wireless capability, there’s internal 802.11ac Wireless card with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. Also a Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45 jack) port is available for those who want to connect to Internet with wire.

A built-in optical drive is included, it burns and reads CDs and DVDs (however no BluRays). Media card reader supporting SD, MMC and MS is also there.

720p webcam is installed in the screen bezel, just right where laptop cameras are found.

What other things to keep in mind?

The touch display of Lenovo C40 (F0B50052US) is 21.5″ big and it supports 1920×1080 a.k.a. Full HD resolution.

The mouse and keyboard shipped with this unit are wired, not wireless.

Operating system, Windows 10 Home (64-bit), is pre-loaded on the computer.

Summing it up

Just like most All-in-Ones, also Lenovo C40 (F0B50052US) is a good pick if you want an effortless and ready-to-use option for, say, home or small office. It can do anything a normal computer should, like run the web browser, Microsoft Office applications, even heavier software including those from the Adobe family. But gaming desktop it is not, at least if you want a lot of eye candy: the integrated Radeon can only offer subpar frame rates for the newest and fanciest games. Anyway, if you’re not a gamer that doesn’t matter, in which case there are no obvious drawbacks about this desktop that would concern you.

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