Lenovo C40-05 Review

February 24, 2015
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Lenovo C40-05 is an All-in-One desktop, so it’s all about convenience to the buyer: since everything comes in one package, no peripheral has to be acquired separately. And despite the included monitor and input devices the price of these ready-to-use desktops seems to be quite reasonable. So is there a catch, some fundamental reason why they wouldn’t work for you? You’ll know after reading this.


The processor of Lenovo C40-05 is called AMD A4-6210. It’s a quad-core CPU with 1.8GHz clock speed (no turbo), released in 2014 for laptops and apparently also for All-in-One desktops. CPU Mark gives it around 2150 grade, so it could be compared to older Core i3 models. It’s not too power user friendly, but at this price point processors rarely are. Doing all the basic work, like web browsing and video streaming are however fine with it.

The desktop features 4GB DDR3 RAM. With that, you can do most stuff without problems. The system supports up to 8GB memory, so those who require more can add more. Number of free/used memory slots is sadly not available at this moment.

Hard drive is 500GB big, similar than in budget laptops. It’s not a beast but unless you deal a lot with enormous files, chances are this half a terabyte suffices for you. A small bonus, it has 7200RPM speed which is slightly better than common 5400RPM drives (although still much slower than solid-state drives).

Display and graphics

The display and system unit of Lenovo C40-05 are basically one. The non-touch screen is 21.5 inches diagonal, so much bigger than a laptop screen but a tad smaller than a typical standalone PC display. The resolution is 1920×1080, so watching Full HD movies and other videos on their native resolution is possible.

There’s a Radeon R3 graphics engine integrated in the processor. It’s hardly as fast as Intel HD 4000 unit, so not great gaming experience can be expected. Old or lightweight titles, like Minecraft or Sims 4 should run fluently, but later games not so much. Battlefield 4 might reach 20-25FPS on low settings.


Lenovo C40-05 has a video connectivity unique for All-in-Ones: there’s not only a HDMI output but also an input available. So you can use the computer/display both ways: either as a screen for your peripheral, like gaming console, or then a HDTV (or other monitor) as the screen for this Lenovo.

There are five USB ports in total. Three are USB 2.0 and three are USB 3.0.

For networking, RJ-45 port is included for a wired connection. Also 802.11 AC WiFi card is installed if you fancy wireless.

The desktop contains a DVD drive on the right hand side. On the left, there’s also a 6-in-1 card reader good for transferring data from small devices, like digital cameras.

A 720p webcam is fixed on top of the screen, allowing for Skype video calls.

What other things to keep in mind?

In addition to display, a basic USB keyboard and mouse are included. Also Windows 8.1 (64-bit) is pre-installed, so you should be able to start using the desktop right away.

Summing it up

Lenovo C40-05 is a typical All-in-One computer, excellent pick for those who don’t want the hassle of choosing different parts for their computer separately. Everything comes neatly in one package, with a true “plug and play” functionality. Of course, being a cheap desktop, something is a compromise. And that’s the performance, which is fine for basic home or small office use, but gaming and other intensive work would be best left for more advanced computers. If you don’t mind that, going for the Lenovo should be a good option after all.

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