Lenovo 23″ Touch AIO 300-23ISU Desktop Review

April 21, 2016
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Lenovo 23″ Touch AIO 300-23ISU, that’s one of the affordable All-in-One desktops currently in the market. It features mobile-level Core i3 as the processor, and there is 8GB RAM and terabyte hard drive helping a more demanding user to work with his programs lag-free. But is this desktop missing something, it can not be all great, right…?

The good

I don’t think there would be any problems with the processing power of Lenovo 23″ Touch AIO 300-23ISU. The Intel Core i3-6100U is a decent dual-core processor with 2.3GHz clock frequency (although there’s no turbo). The CPU Mark gives this unit around 3500 points, the same than the popular i5-5200U. For the money, this processor is good, and it also works for dealing with heavier programs such as image editors. Nothing is wrong with the RAM either, 8GB memory is included (don’t think you can upgrade that, though).

The screen should be beautiful, diagonal is 23 inches and resolution 1920×1080. Full HD content thus plays nicely, and having two (or even more) windows open at the same time will work. You can also swipe your way through Windows 10, the display supports touch. Naturally, a webcam (720p) is available on top of the screen.

Wireless keyboard and mouse are included.

The neutral

Lenovo 23″ Touch AIO 300-23ISU has pretty average storage solution, a terabyte 7200RPM platter-based hard drive that is. It’s good for storing myriads of data, the one terabyte equals like 200 DVDs. But it’s not very fast drive; you would get better overall performance with solid-state drive. I’m sure a technically adept person can swap the current drive for SSD here.

Ports are all right for All-in-One. There are both HDMI-input and output included, meaning you can plug in either a secondary display or HDMI-outputting device such as gaming console or set-top box. For USB ports, the system includes two USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0. Internet can be reached with Gigabit RJ-45 port or the WiFi adapter (802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0).

DVD burner is installed as well as a 6-in-1 card reader for SD(HC/XC), MMC and MS(Pro) formats.

The bad

You won’t find much gaming performance in Lenovo 23″ Touch AIO 300-23ISU, for the simple reason it doesn’t have dedicated graphics. Only integrated graphics chip is available (Intel HD 520) which you can use for several games however only on low-to-medium settings. A real-life example, Grand Theft Auto 5 will run at ~25 frames per second on aforementioned settings. Games that run better with more eye candy on include many Steam-based ones (CS: Go), League of Legends and Minecraft.


Lenovo 23″ Touch AIO 300-23ISU could very well be included in your shopping list if it’s inexpensive All-in-One solution you’re after. The thing is, this desktop isn’t pricey when you consider that monitor, keyboard and mouse all are there. In addition, the performance is also decent – you can throw a program of any type at this computer and it will handle that proudly. However, be careful with games since there is nothing fancier but integrated graphics available. If that doesn’t bother you, this Lenovo should only surprise you in a positive way!

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