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Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY Notebook Review

Going for a Dell laptop is often a safe choice. They have been in the market for long time, and their products usually get recommended by professionals. Plus, it’s an American company. In this review, I’ll dissect one of their newer laptops – the Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY – and let you know... Read more

Dell Inspiron i5378-5743GRY Notebook Review

These 2-in-1 notebooks are hot these days, I must admit. Many people want laptop and tablet but don’t want to carry two different devices. So they resort to a convertible laptop like Dell Inspiron i5378-5743GRY. It might be a good idea to buy it, but even a better idea is to read this review before making your... Read more

Lenovo Flex 4 (80VE000MUS) 2-in-1 Laptop Review

You certainly have a good reason to be interested in Lenovo Flex 4 (80VE000MUS). The computer in question is not only a laptop, but also a tablet – and a darn fast one! The unit is like a chameleon, it changes to fit the environment, but is there any bad thing to be said about it? My professional… Read More... Read more

Microsoft Surface Book PA9-00001 Notebook Review

Standing out from the crowd in laptop market is tough, but Microsoft Surface Book PA9-00001 does it with “style”. You see, it’s one of the most expensive laptops there currently is, but also its components are second to none. This kind of package might interest power users and those who seek quality,... Read more

HP Pavilion 15-au147cl Laptop Review

Spending some extra money for laptop is not a bad thing per se. Most often, you get in exchange a decent powerhouse which is a great all-arounder, suitable for software as well as games. Maybe HP Pavilion 15-au147cl is such a laptop, but we can’t say for sure before taking a closer look at it… General... Read more