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Lenovo Yoga 710 80V4000GUS Notebook Review

Lenovo Yoga 710 80V4000GUS is one of those laptops that is actually not only a laptop. Its screen will rotate to tablet mode, essentially providing you two devices in one package. Furthermore, the computer seems to offer decent components such as 7th generation Intel processor and a speedy solid-state drive! Now,... Read more

ASUS ROG GL502VS-DS71 Gaming Laptop Review

There is a lot to be said and done about buying the perfect laptop for you. You need to know exactly your needs and budget to tailor the ideal notebook for your use. But what if you are a demanding user, a heavyweight gamer? In that case, you have to pay a lot – a general-use notebook won’t… Read More... Read more

Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Laptop Review

The market for budget laptop is endless, and the seekers of these cheap notebooks are hungry. It is often the case that a simple, affordable laptop is all a person wants – which creates a huge demand for them. One good choice could be Samsung NP300E5K-L04US which seems to have a few good points at least:... Read more

HP 15-ay196n Laptop Review

HP has been known to make quality notebooks for decades. Be it the 90s, 00s or the recent years, their laptops have satisfied people ranging from beginners to power users to even gamers. This time, they have released a mid-priced HP 15-ay196n model to cater to casual users. The spec sheet promises some decent... Read more

ASUS ROG Strix GL553VE Gaming Notebook Review

The more features and oomph you want the more willing to pay you need to be. This is the cardinal rule of laptop shopping. The aforementioned things are emphasized in gaming notebooks which have all the bells and whistles and performance you could ever ask for. One newer, interesting addition to the gaming laptop... Read more