iBUYPOWER AM002i Desktop Gaming PC Review

February 22, 2017
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You might have heard about the iBuyPower brand that has been around for a few years. They are a company who assembles powerful desktops and sells them at an affordable price. Now, such a combination surely sparks attention – who doesn’t want a gaming-grade computer for cheap? One of their latest desktops, the iBUYPOWER AM002i, should fill a player’s need nicely – with GTX 1070 and i7 running inside. But being too hasty with computer shopping is never a good idea, hence I offer you a breakdown of its various features and benefits below…

Is it a beast for gaming?

You don’t really see other GeForces than the 1xxx series in gaming desktops of 2017. Also iBUYPOWER AM002i relies on this graphics card family, sporting the GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB video RAM. Simply put, it’s the mid-range version between the fastest GTX 1080 and the budget-level GTX 1060. Comparing to other well known graphics cards, the GTX 1070 is pretty damn close to the performance GeForce 980 Ti – some games do a tad better on the 980 and some on the 1070. Anyway, here are examples of some famous games. Note they are played on 4K (3840×2160) resolution, this card is certainly enough for that:

– GTA 5, high settings, +60FPS
– Battlefield 4, high settings, +70FPS
– The Witcher 3, medium settings, ~50FPS

There is plenty of oomph even on the most demanding titles as you can see. The GTX 1070 is also a future proof card, years 2017 and 2018 are well covered if you ask me. Virtual Reality (VR) is supported too.

General performance

iBUYPOWER AM002i enjoys from high-end processor performance as well. Inside its case is Intel Core i7-7700 ticking! The CPU in question is a high-end unit, meant exactly for these gaming and other professional computers. It comes with four cores which push the frequency to 4.2GHz with turbo, the base speed being 3.6GHz. The Core i7-7700 gets a huge ~11000 score in CPU Mark which further makes clear the superiority of this processor compared to others.

The desktop’s memory might just be enough for you. It contains 8GB DDR4 (2100MHz) RAM. Some gamers are content with this, some want more. Needless to say, there are extra slots on the mainboard. The total number of slots is either two or four, so upgrading to at least 32GB is possible (and there will be at least one free slot).

For the storage there is an ordinary and a special drive. The former is a one terabyte SATA hard drive, spinning speed being 7200RPM. It does a good job in one regard: storing a plenty of data! But the special drive I’m talking about is the 120GB SSD. It’s surely rather small in storage, after Windows files there’s less than 100 gigabytes left. But yes, the OS is installed on that part, making Windows blazing fast to operate.

Does it have a good selection of ports?

iBUYPOWER AM002i has several video outputs in the back panel of GTX 1070 card. The official description lists DVI-D and HDMI, while some user who left a report says there are three DisplayPorts and one HDMI. So, HDMI will be there in any case. The card will take up to four displays at the same time. Audio on this desktop supports 7.1 channel.

The computer contains six USB ports which isn’t that much for a desktop, but I believe still sufficient for most users. The configuration is two USB 2.0 and four USB 3.0.

This rig can be connected to Internet with cable and wireless no problem. The rear panel has a speedy 1000Mbps RJ-45 port serving those who want to use cable. In addition, there’s also a 802.11ac WiFi card (yes the long-range one) installed for wireless!

Bear in mind this desktop has no DVD burner. There’s also no memory card reader. So, the means of moving data locally to the computer are limited. You can always use an external DVD drive or USB to SD card reader, if you want.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

Like practically any desktop, also iBUYPOWER AM002i comes with keyboard and mouse (labeled as “gaming” with this unit). As you can probably guess, no monitor will be included. You must get the display separately which might very well mean spending more.

The operating system is the standard: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit.


iBUYPOWER AM002i Desktop Gaming PC can only be described in one phrase: a classic player’s choice. The GeForce GTX 1070 graphics engine almost holds the top position of high-end graphics cards, so a person can up the eye candy without fear of poor frame rates. Continuing the thought, if you ever want to run heavy-demanding software (Photoshop comes to mind), the desktop excels at it too – i7 and 8GB RAM are welcoming all kinds of programs. The solid-state drive is a nice touch however very small in storage. There aren’t any major disadvantages that come to my mind. For these reasons, I recommend the iBuyPower if you want to experience a “wow!” effect on all your games!

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